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At all ages and in all cultures, cooking is at the heart of our interiors. No matter the surface of the housing, the kitchen, whether small and optimized or otherwise spacious and functional, takes pride of place. Here are different styles of cuisine that will give you suddenly want to revamp yours.

The styles of kitchens

The styles of kitchens

Tell me what your cooking style is, I'll tell you who you are

Just like the materials and colors, the styles of kitchens are numerous. So you can opt for a kitchen:

  • Classic and traditionalThe classic kitchen is usually decorated with tiled or white or patterned tiles. She breathes memories, nostalgia and small dishes, it is a family kitchen. It can be also rustic. In this case solid wood furniture mixes with copper pans. In both cases, it does not lack charm and can gain in modernity with simple amenities.
  • industrial or built with material recovery
  • Contemporary, design and modern: often graphic and highlighted with touches of color, the contemporary kitchen is equipped, ergonomic and contains plenty of storage space. The lines are straight and clean. It is not uncommon to see lurking appliances trendy.

Obviously the list is far from exhaustive. You can also mix styles for more originality. Thus it is possible to customize your project to infinity to create a kitchen to your image that will reflect your desires and your habits: an industrial and modern kitchen, rustic and colorful, contemporary and industrial.

Your kitchen: a style, a project

Design your kitchen is a global project that requires reflection. Your tastes and choices will determine his style which can be quite unique. In general, you will have to choose:

  • The colour: colorful or immaculate
  • The form: rounded or angular
  • The arrangement: closed, open kitchen, corner, one-piece, with a central island.

As you can see, there are many possibilities. To better project and make the best choice, you will have to take the exact measurements of the room intended to accommodate your kitchen. Then do not hesitate to discuss your desires and your needs with a cook, a carpenter or the advisor of a specialized store who can establish a plan and a quote.

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