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The basement of our terrace is very wet. The latter is clay, we were advised to cover the soil with small pebbles (gravel) to limit the humidity due to capillary rise, what do you think of this "good idea"?

This solution alone will not be enough to stop your moisture problems. If it is a question of capillary rise, it is because the sealing of the buried external wall has not been carried out correctly.

Walls should be drained at the periphery by installing porous or perforated pipes to collect seepage water and evacuate it into a trench that will go around the building.

Fill this drain with large stones, then pebbles and gravel ending with sand at the level of the capillary cut. This is mandatory and must be made of asphalt felt or cement mortar including a water-repellent product. It will have to go up to 15 cm above the ground.

Then undo the clay soil in the basement, install a Polyane film and then cast a concrete slab following our tips described in the sheet 'Concrete slab and mortar screed'.

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