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To simplify the installation of your remote monitoring system, you can choose to set up a contract with a service provider. The installation of the system and the steps are simplified to allow you to quickly benefit from a reliable and secure solution.

What does a telemonitoring contract include?

The remote monitoring contract includes variable services depending on the type of formula you choose.

As a general rule, the remote surveillance contract includes:

  • A preliminary diagnosis your home to determine the location of the remote monitoring equipment.
  • Remote monitoring equipment: a central alarm, motion detectors (possibly with photo), opening detectors, and / or smoke detectors, a siren and a keyboard.
  • An intrusion notification service by phone call or SMS.

The telemonitoring contract may also include many optional services, such as a TV interpellation (a dialogue is then established between the security and the intruder), the moving an agent security on site, the call to the policeetc.

Some services may be punctual, such as security services during your holidays.

Subscribe to a telemonitoring contract

Many insurance companies now offer remote monitoring solutions at varying prices. Prices often depend on the formulas: the basic formulas offer limited services (simple alarm system with possibly SMS or call notification) whereas the more elaborate formulas offer additional services, such as the intervention of an agent of security.

As a general rule, it is necessary to 20 € / month for a basic formula offering limited benefits and then between 40 € and 500 € / month for a high-end formula. It is necessary to add to this rate installation fees that are rarely included in the subscription rate. The costs of termination or modification of the contract may also generate an additional cost.

Note that the purchase of a remote surveillance contract can lower the rate of your home insurance.

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