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Achieve efficient insulation with limited thickness

As part of a renovation and insulation project, if possible close standards when it is specified for the walls a R "xxx" that must be understood. The R of the insulation or the total, wall coated insulating decoration. In my case bricks full 22 cm old interior lime plaster and wishes in wood paneling deco 12 mm and insulation project polyurethane foam panels. Is it necessary to install an additional airtight film? This technique is not recommended because of the risk of mold. The problem is in part a corridor so limit passage that advise me?

To isolate without reducing the width of the passageway, the choice of polyurethane foam is essential, because it is the most efficient insulation to this thickness. Nevertheless, this type of insulation should be reserved for walls that are perfectly dry and healthy, that do not allow rainwater to pass, and that are free of capillary rises. The reasoning also applies to paneling, which will deform quickly in case of moisture trapped inside the wall. In case of proven moisture, it is necessary to first treat the causes, the inner lining must not be a "cache misery". As for the required thermal resistance (the famous R) it concerns the whole of a wall.

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