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Is your veranda gray? It's time to think about renovating it. But such a project can not be improvised. What to keep, renovate, change? Especially in recent years, materials have evolved a lot especially for insulation. Give a youthful look to your porch, it is also an opportunity to take advantage of all these innovations to move towards more comfort. Not to mention that some works can give right to tax credits.

Successful renovation of the veranda

Successful renovation of the veranda

To successfully renovate your conservatory, adapt it to your needs

Before even calling in a professional, start by listing what is wrong: opening difficult to open or close, presence of condensation, cracks in roof panels, greenhouse effect in summer, etc.
Then plan for the future! Depending on how you plan to live on your veranda, the work will not be the same. For example, if you want to use this space all year to receive family and friends or as a cozy cocoon open on the garden, you need to planimprove the insulation of your veranda and install a heater. But you can also choose to make more specific use by following the seasons.
The work must meet this double imperative: repair or change what should be while allowing instead to adapt to your needs and your desires.

To successfully renovate your conservatory what needs renovation?

From floor to ceiling, you must inspect everything. But do not worry, everything is not necessarily to replace!

  • Floor. The structure of the veranda is laid on a slab. Unfortunately, some thin slabs crack. This is an important element to check because, it is the stability of the building that is at stake. If this is the case, made calls to a mason to strengthen the seat of the veranda.
    Fortunately, in the majority of cases, it is simply the flooring that is to be reviewed. Tile or parquet, you can coordinate it to the one of the house or play on the contrasts to delimit each space.
  • The roof. Subject to the weather all year long, like the hot rays of the sun, it is put to the test. The renovation of the roof is a key element of the work. Even if the cover is still correct, it may still be interesting for you to change it for improve the thermal and acoustic insulation of your veranda.
    If you have to change the entire roof, consider not only the insulation but also the appearance of your porch. Thus, the installation of a flat ceiling with skylights modernizes and completely changes the atmosphere of the place.
  • Walls and glass walls. If you only have one glazing, do not hesitate a second! Change the opening for double glazed models. It is not without reason that they have become the norm. If you already have insulated glass units, check the condition of the sliding rack seals and rollers. These are pieces that wear out and are easily replaced.
    When it comes to walls, you're spoiled for choice: paint, plaster, wall panels, and so on.
  • Curtains, blinds and shutters. Curtains or blinds are essential in a veranda. Colorful, they participate in the decor while protecting you from hot or cold. Here too, the materials have evolved since you find shades possessing a thermo-reflecting face.
    To improve the insulation of the veranda, the installation of shutters is an interesting option.

Conservatory renovation and tax benefits

The construction of a veranda is not eligible for Energy transition tax credit (ISCED). But the acquisition of materials to improve its insulation can, under certain conditions, make you benefit from it:

  • The veranda must be located in your main residence and have been completed for more than 2 years.
  • The work must be carried out by the qualified professional RGE (recognized guarantor of the environment) where you bought the materials.
  • The materials must have minimum thermal performance defined by law.

This tax benefit is a percentage of the purchase price of materials that will be deducted from your tax or will be refunded. Attention, the tax credit does not apply on the cost of labor but only on the purchase price of materials.

On the overall price of the site, you benefit from a reduced VAT of 10%.

If your conservatory was built before January 1, 1990, you can finance this energy renovation with a zero-rate eco-loan (eco-PTZ). It is granted without resource conditions for a maximum amount of € 30,000 repayable over 10 to 15 years. The eco-PTZ and the CITE are cumulative.

Renovating the veranda is a cost. This will depend on the initial state of the veranda and the extent of the work to be undertaken. But in the end, you will be winning by finding a veranda well isolated and much more comfortable.

Good to know: The identical renovation of your veranda without initial surface modification or with an expansion of less than 5 m², does not require any administrative authorization. If you change the exterior appearance or enlarge the area, you will need to file a pre-construction declaration or apply for a building permit.

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