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Spring is back, season favorable to your first plantations. Here two schools compete: sowing in the shelter or sowing of open air? It's up to you to choose according to your situation. For each other, you are told everything to succeed in your spring planting.

Succeed in spring sowing

Succeed in spring sowing

Successful indoor spring planting

If you live in the northern half of FranceA few sunbeams are not enough to prepare the soil for your seeds that need a heated and loosened soil to get out of the ground.

In addition, it is advisable to do your sowing of tomatoes, zucchini, cucumbers... in a terrine kept warm until May. When transplanting your seedlings in the garden, the temperature should be 18° C day and night to allow the development of these vegetables sensitive to cold and light.


1. Drill the bottom of your containers (eg polystyrene trays);
2. spread a thin layer of gravel in the bottom;
3. cover with geotextile felt;
4. Fill with special potting soil;
5. tamp the surface;
6. sow your seeds;
7. keep your containers warm, covered with a plastic or clear glass lid;
8. hold a constant humidity using a water sprayer.

Succeed in outdoor spring sowing

If you live in the southern half of France, the beginning of spring may be the right time to do your first planting in the ground.

1. The soil should be well grounded so that the roots of your seedlings are not hindered by too compact soil. Preparing the soil of your garden is therefore essential:

  • remove mulch or green manure if there is;
  • remove weeds and pebbles,
  • unpack the soil;
  • crumble the surface of the earth;
  • spread the compost or manure
  • etc.

2. The soil must be hot enough (10° C minimum) for the seeds to germinate. To promote warming, leave the soil bare and ventilate it.

3. The soil should be moistened gently. Beware of frequent spring rains because the soil must have dried (dried) to begin your sowing. Heavy rainfall after sowing may cause rotting of seeds.

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