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Do you have a wood stove, pellet stove or a combination stove? How to choose logs and these small cylinders of compressed sawdust also called pellets. Most of them depend on the quality of combustion and your comfort during the winter. The outline.

Supply a wood stove with logs and sticks

Supply a wood stove with logs and sticks

Supply logs for his stove

After choosing a supplier near you, you must take great care of the storage. Logs that feed manual loading wood stoves should be stored in a dry, well-ventilated area with no contact with the ground. Moisture is the biggest enemy of efficient combustion.

The woods, according to their essence, do not have the same density or energy power, nor the same function. Soft woods that burn quickly are perfect for starting the fire. Hardwoods such as beech, oak or birch will be used to make it last. Chestnut, walnut or cherry a slow combustion and an average calorific value used to maintain it.

The price of logs varies according to several criteria. Oak for example is more expensive than birch because it grows more slowly. The size of the logs also affects the cost.

Logs 1 m long are less expensive than 33 cm, the standard size because they require fewer cuts.

Finally, the more wooded a region is, the lower the price of wood. And if you buy wood in summer, you will be entitled to preferential rates.

Stocking pellets

Loaded automatically, these compressed wood residues fuel the "new generation" wood stoves that offer high efficiency. A little more expensive to buy than logs, their supply is simplified.

Sold in bag, it's easy to store the pellets in a garage or shed. You can also opt for a fabric silo delivered with a filling tube to prevent any deposit of dust. Very dense and very small granules are necessarily less bulky than wood steres.

A ton of granules represents for example 5 or 6 steres of wood. If you consider that the stove of a BBC house consumes a little less than a ton of pellets, it is possible to stock up for the whole winter, at one time.

To note: choose pellets or pellets certified, to avoid any unpleasant surprises. The European standard Din +for example, guarantees very low humidity and ash content and high density for all the pellets it certifies.

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