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The chimney hanging, as the name suggests, has no pedestal or foot since it is simply retained by its flue. The benefits of a central fire, adjustable according to the desire, via a fireplace turning 360°, for an atmosphere and comfort unequaled.

Suspended fireplace

Suspended fireplace

Presentation of the suspended chimney

Placed in the center of the room, the main advantage of the suspended fireplace lies in its fireplace rotation system. The brackets that securely connect the duct to the chimney are designed to be used as a real heating device. The room thus has a homogenized rotating heat.

The suspended chimney is available on many models:

  • open or closed
  • available in central, corner or wall versions (with visible or recessed duct)
  • having a single or double facade or a 360° vision
  • available in different designs, becoming an essential element of decoration of the room
  • available in wood or gas versions

How to choose a suspended chimney

We will choose its suspended chimney according to the place which one has. It is particularly suitable for homes with a imposing ceiling height.

We will also make a choice between the open hearth and the closed hearth. The first reproducing the atmosphere of traditional fireplaces but having a yield of barely 20%. A closed fireplace, on the other hand, allows a heat output of more than 70%.

The type of fuel is also decisive in the choice of its suspended chimney. Thus, wood is the most economical energy and the most ecological. The gas allows for a simplified use of the fireplace and its performance is interesting, but it is not considered clean energy.

The advantages and disadvantages of the suspended chimney

The hanging fireplace has many designs and represents a real heat source for a decorative rendering very original.

Like its counterpart the central chimney, it allows to heat the room efficiently in a balanced way.

Its main disadvantage is that the mechanical connection of the chimney to its conduit may, in some cases, apply a game causing a slight pendulum movement to the suspended chimney.

It is therefore essential to use a professional who will apply the standards in force to prevent such inconveniences.

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