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A suspended terrace or terrace on stilts metamorphoses aesthetically the facade of a house. This installation makes it possible to benefit from an additional space while optimizing the surface available in the garden.

The benefits of a suspended terrace

The suspended terraces are an interesting alternative for decorate a home and create a friendly space and agreeable. In addition to gaining space in the garden, it provides a place to relax in height. In the case where the terrace has an area exceeding 20 m² and if its height exceeds 60 cm, a building permit is required before starting work.

The foundations of a suspended terrace

A terrace on stilts or raised terrace is supported by a frame perpendicular to the facade construction. It usually consists of frames that fit together. This frame is itself based on wooden poles. Such a suspended terrace is realized of wooden blades which are firmly fixed on so-called "support" poles.

It should be noted that the terrace is not freestanding. Therefore, it must be well attached to the facade. The professional hired for the work can use ankles. Fixing by chemical sealing (injection of a resin) is also possible.

To ensure the security of the structure, the whole must imperatively be reinforced. This can be done using metal or concrete foundation pads attached to the base of the poles firmly anchored to the ground.

A suspended terrace must be slightly sloping to facilitate the flow of rainwater.

Customize the suspended terraces

For the safety of users, the suspended terrace can be embellished with a balustrade and for aesthetic purposes it can be furnished with garden furniture, an awning, a sun visor...

The budget to predict

The installation of a suspended terrace is an expensive project that involves a significant investment. It is possible to purchase kit structures directly from specialist stores. For a terrace of average size, prices oscillate around € 2,500 for the structure and as much for the wooden boards. Do not forget the balustrade which costs a few hundred euros. Prices depend on the quality of the chosen material, the surface area and the difficulty of installation.

The construction work done by a professional on the terrace adds to the price of the materials and increases the overall bill. It is recommended to compare several quotes of specialists who have know-how and skills in this area.

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