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Sweeping a chimney (passing through the inner duct)

Chimney sweeping is a must for everyone. According to French law it must take place once a year. If this is often done by professionals, nothing prevents you from doing it yourself, knowing that the law and your insurance company are entitled to require a certificate provided by an authorized chimney sweep.

Difficulty level:


Tools and materials needed:

A hedgehog sweeping nylon (from € 5 in DIY shops).
A basin.
A flexible pole (plan longer than the chimney to ensure a good grip).
A sheet.
A flashlight.
A metal brush.
A tarpaulin or newspaper.
A vacuum.

Step 1: Prepare the space.

Make sure the fire is off.
Remove anything that obstructs the flue.
Arrange newspaper or a tarp on the floor of the chimney (the ashtray).
Install a large basin under the chimney flue.
Place an old sheet in front of the duct to prevent the soot from scattering in the rest of the room.
Take advantage of this operation to check the internal condition of your duct by checking with a flashlight that the components of the fireplace (bricks, mortar...) are well fixed and in good condition.

Step 2: the sweeping.

Install the hedgehog at the end of the pole (mounted on two or three elements).
Slide the pole inside the duct.
Clean the top of the duct a few meters by moving back and forth from top to bottom while insisting on the dirtiest spots without damaging the mortar.
Remove the elements of the pole as you go to clean the rest of the pipe all the way down.

Sweeping a chimney from below: sweeping

Step 3: Cleaning the space.

Carefully empty the basin that must be full of soot in your trash.
Scrape the walls of the chimney with a wire brush, insisting on the drain.
Then remove the tarpaulin and newspaper.
Clean the soot marks with the vacuum cleaner.

Video Instruction: How to Sweep a Chimney - Do it Yourself & Save Money - Warren Nash