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It is apparent that a well-meaning fairy has been bending over the cradle of the swim spa. Indeed, it allows to realize in the same space as well as intensive swimming and aquagym sessions as relaxing hydrotherapy sessions. And all this quietly in his garden or in a nice room devoted to well-being. The swim spa is a concentrate of technology and dreams.

The swim spa: an alternative to the pool

The swim spa: an alternative to the pool

What is a swim spa?

Among the spas, the swim spa is the most versatile. It keeps the primary function of the spa, that is to say the Whirlpool with all its benefits: general relaxation, muscle relaxation, painkiller, etc. In addition, it allows muscle up and tone the body practicing swimming or water aerobics. And all this in a minimum of space!

The swim spa is larger than a spa dedicated solely to relaxation. But he is smaller than a classic pool. By cons, the purchase, it costs as expensive as the latter. By size and functionality, it is close to the mini pool when equipped with a counter-current swim system and hydrotherapy nozzles.

How does a swim spa work?

The swim spa presents itself as a perfectly normal spa with locations to enjoy the benefits of hydrotherapy. Beside this space of relaxation opens the space dedicated to the swimming.

  • The relaxation area of ​​the swim spa: The number of places goes from 2 to 8 and more. Some spas offer both seating and at least one lying down. The number and type of massage nozzles depend on the models.
    Among the most popular accessories are the LED submersible light show for chromotherapy, the aromatherapy essential oil diffuser, as well as audio and / or video equipment.
  • Swimming pool swim area: Depending on the model (4 to 10 m long), the swimming area is equipped with one or more lines of countercurrent swimming jets (NCC). This is the secret of the swim spa! Of course, you can not go for laps like in a big swimming pool but you swim on the spot. NCCs are available in different power levels and they are fully adjustable to adapt to the needs of users: sports swimming, swimming relaxation, learning to swim, rehabilitation work.
    It can also be equipped with exercise bars, a rower to practice water aerobics.

Swim spa mono basin or double basin?

The swim spa may only includea single basin. One end is equipped with the massage chairs, the other part is equipped with NCC. In practice, it's the same water temperature throughout the spa. You must choose between exercise and relaxation. Indeed, water at 37° is ideal for a relaxation session, but it is too hot to swim or exercise.
The double basin spa solves this dilemma! It has a double control panel to regulate different temperatures in the two pools: 37 or 38° for relaxation and 28 or 29° for swimming.

Can the swim spa be an alternative to the pool?

Everything depends on what you want to do with your pool...
The swim spa is very close to the mini pool and it has the same advantages: reduced water volume and therefore savings on basin maintenance (heating, electricity, water treatment products). Like her, it requires a smaller space than a conventional pool (except for larger spas). However, he is much more comfortableThe spa massage area is ergonomic and the water is warmer.
But the swim spa does not replace a family pool where young and old meet to play. In front of a swim spa, children may be disappointed while adults will immediately see the benefits of good relaxation.

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