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If the water in your pond is green instead of the expected blue, it's not normal! It can be assumed, without a doubt, that algae have taken up residence in your pool water. What are the causes of the presence of algae? How to stop their proliferation and finally how to avoid the appearance of algae in your pool? The answers are to read below...

Pool: how to avoid the appearance of algae?

Pool: how to avoid the appearance of algae?

Seaweed pool: watch the pH!

To avoid the appearance of algae, it is important to maintain the pH of the pond water between 7.2 and 7.4, especially if you treat your chlorine pool or to active oxygen. It is less necessary to control the pH of the water if you use a PHMB treatment because this product is less sensitive to UV or temperature fluctuation.

It should be known that the higher the pH of the water, the more the algae will proliferate.

For avoid that the pool water is green, the pH of the water must be checked at least once a week by means of special strips or a electronic pH tester.

Cleaning the pool to avoid the appearance of algae

Brush and clean the walls and bottom of the pond prevents the development of algae, especially in hot weather. For this, there are brooms, brushes but also vacuum cleaners or automatic pool robots that can suck all the impurities in the pool.

Do not forget to clean the skimmer and pump filter to eliminate any source of water contamination.

Check the condition of the filtration system

The filter plays a big role in the quality of the water. If the pool water is green, the filter may be clogged or clogged. It is therefore important to regularly clean the filter for avoid the proliferation of bacteria and algae.

You can protect the pond water with a pool cover but in times of heat wave, it is advisable to avoid leaving a pool cover all day to avoid raising the temperature of the water.

Indeed, more water is hot, more algae proliferate, it's mathematical!

And finally, using a disinfectant is an essential step.

Clean a pool invaded by algae

There are chlorine shock treatments or highly effective PHMB and oxygen mixtures to eliminate algae and find clear water.

The use of algicides allows to fight preventively against the appearance of algae. Attention, because these products are to handle with caution and you can take advice with professional swimming pool to find advice and correctly mix the mixtures. You should know that some products are not compatible with each other and with some filters.

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