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Pool: regulations and safety standards

All in-ground and semi-in-ground pools must have an approved safety system. Tips for choosing equipment adapted to the characteristics of the pond.
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Choose an approved security system

Safety devices aim to prevent the risk of accidents and drowning. Mandatory for all buried and semi-buried basins, these equipments have different properties.

Pool shelters

Pool shelters

Subject to NF P90-309, they prevent access to the pool. In addition to their safety features, standard swimming pool enclosures protect the pools from weather hazards and limit their maintenance. To enjoy the pool as long as possible, choose a shelter of sufficient height to circulate freely around the pool, even when it is closed.

Blind shutters and flexible tarpaulins

They are subject to NF P90-308 standard. Placed at the surface of the water, they resist, in case of fall, the weight of an adult. They also protect against the deposit of dirt (leaves, insects...) in the basin.

Pool alarms

Subject to the NF P90-307 standard, infrared peripheral models are the most effective. On the other hand, their installation is quite technical. Whatever the type of alarms, it should not be able to be used by a child under 5 years old. Adjust the sound volume loud enough to hear the alarm from home. However, be careful with the sensitivity of this safety equipment: it must be limited so that the alarm does not trigger at the slightest leaf landing on the water.

Fences and barriers

Subject to standard NF P90-306, they must measure at least 1.10 m in height and be installed as close as possible to the pool, keeping a minimum safety distance of 1 m. Made of wood, concrete or PVC, they consist of poles and panels or horizontal spans. The door to access the pool must be equipped with a lock.

Constant monitoring

When acquiring any of these devices, consider requesting a certificate of compliance from the dealer. And beware: as powerful and safe as it is, a safety device does not replace the continuous monitoring of young children by an adult, nor the respect of rules of common sense.
Do not leave children alone around the pool or in the pool. Equip them with armbands or a buoy. The ideal is that they learn to swim at an early age.
After swimming, be sure to lock shelters or protective barriers or to put the safety device into operation.



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