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Pools kit

On the French market, and since the seventies, the kit pools seduce many owners every summer. These pre-machined ponds are relatively affordable, making them far more accessible than their competitors. Only here, a project of this size can not be improvised! Choosing and installing alone your own pool is not within the reach of the first comer. To guide you in your project, this week, HandymanDuDimanche invites you to dive into the depths of kit pools.

The different models.

The different models

Because you do not become a pool swimmer overnight, it's better to choose a model that suits your skills and your terrain. Above ground or semi-buried, wooden pools will be suitable for amateur hobbyists. Aesthetic and practical, they are easily assembled in less than a week and are available in all formats, from two thousand to twenty thousand euros. More complex to install, the structures in metal panels or resin panels offer you large areas entirely burial from two thousand five hundred euros. Allow about a month for installation, even if many dealers promise you a few days of editing. Monocoque polyester and fiberglass pools are molded in one piece. They offer you a wide range of sizes and shapes but in return require a heavy installation. Finally, concrete kit pools require solid masonry knowledge and are relatively expensive compared to other models. This disadvantage, however, is related to their life, much longer.

The installation.

The installation

The installation of a pool kit takes place in several stages, where nothing should be left to chance. First phase, and not least, earthworks difficult to achieve by hand. They therefore require renting a small backhoe, or involve a professional. Secondly, it is strongly advised to pour a concrete slab to stabilize your pond. You will then need to assemble together the various elements of the structure and, if necessary, fix the liner, a puzzle that can quickly turn into a real puzzle. Then you will take care of the installation of the technical room and the connection of the many accessories, without forgetting to take care of the plumbing. Finally, you can embark on the decoration of your pool and its surroundings by giving free rein to your imagination and ensuring the safety of people, especially if you have young children.

The advantages and disadvantages.

The advantages and disadvantages

By building your own pool, you will limit the work force and achieve up to fifty percent savings. You will also preserve your privacy by avoiding the intrusive presence of workers during the entire site. In addition, you will be proud of a job well done, done entirely by you. In return, you will have to undergo a long-term and binding project. Also regret the lack of quality after-sales service and a ten-year guarantee, both very useful in case of problems.

If building a pool kit sometimes falls on the obstacle course, all your efforts will be well rewarded when you swim. Before embarking on this great adventure, however, it is best to ensure you have the required skills and a lot of energy and time to devote to it.

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