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When replacing an oil fired boiler, different types of installations are possible. We can decide to drop the fuel to go gas... What are the jobs to be planned? What are the advantages of such an installation?

When to change the boiler?

The oil boiler is good to be replaced when it is too old.
In case of defects and recurring problems (leakage, abnormal noise, bad heating...), it is better to consider setting up a boiler more efficient. We can of course set up another fuel system. But we can also decide to install a gas boiler, which has some significant advantages. Before choosing this solution, you must ensure that your home is served by the natural gas network by contacting the GrDF natural gas distribution network in your municipality.

How to go from oil heating to gas heating?

The first thing to do is to choose the gas boiler model that will find its place at the location of the old oil heating. The price can vary between 1,000 to 5,000 euros for the most powerful and powerful devices.

Once the boiler has been selected and acquired, then comes the moment to connect to the gas network, having chosen an energy supplier. An application must be sent to the GrDF, knowing that the supplier can also be very well asked to take charge of the connection step (essential for connecting the boiler to the fuel supply). Start-up is only possible once the work has been completed after obtaining a certificate of conformity.

To choose the best supplier, you can consult the independent website of the Energy Regulatory Commission (CRE) and the Energy Mediator:

At the same time, we must think of get rid of the old oil boiler in a spirit "I respect my environment". You can convert the tank (after cleaning) into a rainwater tank in your garden, call a scrap dealer or put the tank in a waste collection adapted.

Advantages of gas heating compared to fuel oil?

Adopting gas heating has many advantages. First, it is a less bulky system since it is not necessary to store the fuel as is the case with oil equipment. Indeed, the fuel requires to install a tank outside or inside from the house in a well ventilated room. On the price side, oil is linked to oil prices and can therefore be more expensive than gas.

In the register of advantages of gas heating, we can also emphasize the maintenance which is minimal. An oil-fired system requires a maintenance sweeping of the conduits, a cleaning of the filters, the exchanger, the injection pump... The professional must submit a certificate of maintenance at the end of the intervention.

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