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Synthetic lawns are always more present in our gardens and terraces. In addition to being practical and easy to install, they offer the most realistic effect with virtually no maintenance. If the artificial lawn is as simple to set up as to maintain, its choice requires, on the other hand, to consider several criteria.

synthetic grass

As early as the 1960s, synthetic turf covered sports fields. Real outdoor carpet, it quickly enters the public and private gardens because it offers fantastic development possibilities for very limited constraints.

The artificial turf is composed of synthetic fibers fixed on a frame. Often packaged in rolls, it is easy to install on all types of surfaces.

A beautiful lawn that does not get dirty

Maintaining a natural lawn requires a lot of work (watering, mowing or weeding) and patience for an often disappointing result. On the other hand, synthetic grass guarantees a more lifelike rendering without effort: it installs and maintains itself easily and quickly. A simple brush stroke ensures a beautiful and green lawn, whatever the season. Another plus, the synthetic turf arises without any soil supply and is therefore suitable for all areas: playground, terrace or swimming pool remain clean.

One use, one turf

To properly select your artificial lawn, start by defining the use.

Want to make your terrace or balcony a comfortable and friendly space? Opt for thick and soft lawns: not felted and relaxation assured.

The strands tend to lie down under trampling. In places of passage, choose a lawn with a C-strand profile that provides better resistance.

On a children's playground, safety and resistance are the priorities. Use dense, soft fibers to cushion falls and choose a grass that can withstand wear and tear.

In order to obtain a most natural pleasure garden, bet on a dull lawn, with strands declining shades of green and brown.

The parameters to remember

• The use: temporary or permanent? Summer playground for kids or durable flooring? From the unique "green carpet" to the premium Exelgreen synthetic turf, the range is very wide. Set your expectations before choosing your synthetic turf.

• The beauty: for a more lifelike look, opt for a matte turf.

• Flexibility: to cover the ground and asperities, the weft must be flexible. This flexibility also affects the touch, softer, and noise friction, more harmonious.

Tips for easy and optimal installation

Get grass samples from the manufacturers. For a few euros, you can test your lawn situation.

Limit connections as much as possible: To cover a large area, choose wide rolls.

Take care of the direction of installation: put all the rollers in the same direction, the inclined fibers towards you (the place where you will look at them most often).

For a most natural garden, create different spaces by decorating your artificial turf with plantations and beds.

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