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VMC is a device that removes pollutants and moist air from the house. How it works? How to navigate?

Controlled Mechanical Ventilation, what for?

A house is very often the victim of inconvenience that can affect comfort. Excess moisture can cause mold, compromise drying, create bad odors, etc. The VMC has the function to eliminate this moisture. It also serves to evacuate the pollutants that fill the house whose origin is multiple: carpet, glues, insulation, plants, fireplace, tobacco, etc.

Controlled Mechanical Ventilation, which one to choose?

There are 3 types of VMC.

  • The VMC simple stream

Its function is to suck stale air from the house through grilles and expel it out of the house by means of a ventilation system. This creates an air depression in the house that will then suck fresh air through all its vents. However, its simplicity is also its fault. Indeed, this system works all day long and sucks the outside air, hot or cold depending on the season, which causes a higher need for energy to cool or warm this new air.

  • The VMC simple flow hygrog√©rable

This VMC corrects the default VMC single stream. It immediately detects the humidity level and adapts the suction power. Indeed, when you cook, the system opens the suction grilles but when the VMC hygro does not detect activity, it slows the air renewal so as not to cool the house. A switch, however, allows you to decide which power to use according to your needs.

The VMC hygro A: the evacuation vents are equipped with a sensor that measures the humidity level and that will open or close the shutter to evacuate the humid air.

The VMC hygro BIn addition to the VMC hygro A, the fresh air inlets are equipped with a humidity sensor.

The dual flow VMC (VMC DF)

More sophisticated system, the VMC DF uses the heat of stale air to heat the fresh air about to enter the house. Although this system consumes more electricity, it is more energy efficient but for optimal use, the house must be properly insulated. Its operation can emit a purr and requires more maintenance than single stream VMCs.

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Video Instruction: Automatic extract units for VMC in houses, apartments and communal dwellings. CJV-EW (EN)