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With this folding table for power tools, Lurem is successfully coming out of its usual domain, the static woodworking machines. The "Flip" can accommodate a circular saw (our test) but also, optionally, a router or a jigsaw.

Multifunction table


Reference: FLIP
Price announced: 349 € (router kit: about 150 €)
Dimensions of the table: 550 x 490 mm
Cart dimensions: 200 x 635 mm
Cluttered footprint (without saw) L x W x H: 80 x 30 x 85 cm
Total stroke of the truck: 850 mm
Max cut before blade (depending on saw used): 55 to 60 cm
Size of the rule:45 x 19 x 590 mm
Weight: 21 kg
Max blade diameter: 210 mm
Diameter of the suction intake of the cloak: 36 mm (ext.) / 30 mm (int.)
Maximum intensity supported by the contactor: 16A (230V)
Max load: 50 kg
This information first appeared on System D magazine in 2005: products and prices may have changed since then.

Implementation: most of the table is already mounted, but it takes a good time to study the instructions, assemble the accessories... and clean the traces of the labels on the aluminum. Adjusting screws allow precise adjustment; it's a bit restrictive, but effective.

Equipment: The safety switch has a socket for the saw and a plug for a standard extension. A clamp (supplied) is used to lock the trigger of the machine. The blade protection layer is cumbersome: it is necessary to house the fashionable laser gadget (which does not improve the precision, but the consumers ask for it). The same aluminum ruler is mounted alternately on the miter gauge, integral with the large sliding carriage, or as a parallel guide.

Use: The 50 kg load advertised seem ambitious, especially when canting cantilever. But the results are convincing with pieces
of reasonable dimensions, both solid wood and panels. The accuracy obtained, without reaching that of a good wood combined, surprises for such a device. It probably owes much to the rigidity of the plateau. The latter, 10 mm thick, decreases the cutting capacity by the same amount (this leaves more room for the majority of saws).


  • The table does not vibrate. The precision and rigidity are amazing for a material of this kind. The cart is more versatile than the usual tab guides.
  • The saw remains in place when folding the table, fast and easy. It can be disassembled without loss of settings. The footprint in the closed position is low.


The price is high. The first edit is a bit long. It is necessary to disassemble the parallel guide to fold the table. The delivery of a presser is currently only provided with the router / jigsaw kit. Service keys (various Allen keys and 10 mm flat key) are not supplied.


A success: finally an adaptation for circular saw that inspires confidence! And which, in addition, is made in France, good news at the time of the "made in PRC" (People Republic of China). Lurem does not hesitate to guarantee its product for 5 years. But the price can dissuade those who have neither imperative place nor need to move on site. Remains an unknown: the "Flip" will prove robust enough to withstand the vicissitudes of a construction site?

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