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Solar lights are very trendy and fit in a "green spirit". These outdoor lamps are not only aesthetic and practical but they are also environmentally friendly and economical. What is it about? How to install and use them?

The solar tags for garden - Available on

The solar tags for garden - Available on

Solar beacons: ECO lighting

As the name suggests, the solar beacon is a garden lamp that works by capturing the sun radiation, a free and inexhaustible energy. It is therefore a particularly recommended model for environmentally conscious users who wish to save money by focusing on green energies. These lamps light up automatic as soon as the brightness drops, at the end of the day. They are still operational thanks to their tightness.

The solar garden tags also allow to define a space: driveway, terrace, massif, staircase, swimming pool... This outdoor lamp is usually sold by lot, for a more homogeneous and harmonious layout.

How do photovoltaic tags work?

Solar Beacons, also known as solar beacons, produce light through small integrated photovoltaic sensors. The lamps accumulate the energy of the day emitted by the sun and it is stored in a small battery that restores the light at night via LED lamps.

These standalone lamps are not only used for the purpose of "make pretty" but they can enjoy the outdoors at night and in a completely ecological way. A garden alley is highlighted in the evening by, for example, using solar beacons in line and thanks to their specificities, the light boundaries are visible as soon as it is dark and even if it is raining.

Generally, these solar lamps emit a light low to medium intensitybut sufficient to light a garden at night. Nevertheless, it is possible to opt for a higher intensity, and in this range can be found lamps with a power up to 10 Watts.

Easy installation, no need for electricity

Garden solar beacons can be built-in or buried, depending on the model chosen and the desired effect. They are set up around the areas that we want to delimit. In addition to the massifs and plantations, paths and terraces, they can be arranged in edge of a pool or near an obstacle (thus indicating a danger to be avoided). The installation of solar beacons is very simple, because no electrical installation is necessary. Just put them in the right place and you're done. Thanks to this specificity, solar beacons easily find their place everywhere in the garden.

Video Instruction: Lawn Lighthouse Solar Beacon