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I remade the wall tile, floor with baseboard of my toilet. I have a concern for thick tiling on the floor and I would like to change it. I would like to know how I can remove the skirting without removing the wall tile because it stays in place and I do not want to spoil it.

It's never really easy to take off tiled skirting boards without risk of breaking the tiles that are above. I advise you the following method: weaken a first skirting tile by piercing it several times; break it with a small tile hammer (failing an electrician's hammer by striking with the blackout and not striking it). Once removed this first plinth tile, slide under the following the blade of a trowel and gently knock on the "bottom" of the blade to smooth it under the plinth tile: it usually detaches without difficulty. If it is more secure, replace the trowel with a bricklayer's chisel of suitable width. This method is only valid on a solid support, not on plasterboard.

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