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You want to change windows or put in a new building? Above all, you have to know how to take action without deceiving yourself. Otherwise, they can be either too large and impossible to place in the frame, or too small, allowing infiltration. Some tips…

How to measure?

If the leaves exist, they must first be removed. With a tape measure, a rope, a pencil and a note pad, start by taking horizontal and vertical measurements of the frame in three different points: high, middle, low. Repeat the process twice and keep the smallest dimension.
Then use the rope to measure the diagonals from an angle greater than a lower opposite angle. These measures are essential, in case the building is not right.
Finish by measuring the lighter: the part of the wall between the floor and the sill of the window. This measurement will fix the handle to the correct height.

Measurements according to the type of laying

For the classic "tunnel" installation where the frame is integrated in the thickness of the masonry, for the best insulation coefficient, there are 5 steps to take:

  • the height of the finished painting or masonry hole
  • the width of the finished painting or masonry hole
  • the height of the lighter
  • the depth of the opening
  • the height between the top of the window and the ceiling

For the "wall-mounted" installation, where the window is applied to the wall with fixing brackets, the window must be larger than the opening, 5 steps must be taken:

  • the finished table height
  • the finished table width
  • the thickness of the doubling: plasterboard, insulation...
  • the height of lighter
  • the ceiling height.

For laying in "in rebate" which is the one where we completely replace the window, without keeping anything of the old one, there are 7 measures to take. In particular that of the rabbet which is the space of the slightly recessed frame, intended to receive the frame.

  • the height of the painting
  • the background height of rebate
  • the rebate bottom width
  • the rebate depth
  • the height of the lighter
  • the ceiling height.

To note: Always take 2 measuring points and keep the smallest without removing the game. It will be calculated by the professional For renovation, check the health of the walls. Probe them in several places with a screwdriver that should never be sinking easily.

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