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A timed tap is an automated tap. It avoids the waste of water in public places and even in our homes. Its operation therefore promotes substantial energy savings. Its characteristics, its look and its price become affordable make a very advantageous tap.

Definition and use of the timed tap

The operation of the timed tap is automatic, which is its main advantage. It starts up with the help of a pushbutton or thanks to an infrared command.

It flows thus during 5 to 20 seconds (operating time set by the UNI-EN816 standard), which represents a saving of water that can approach 60%.

Other features:

  • temperature control: cold or premixed water
  • debit regulator
  • adjustable flow time

Its characteristics make timed tap the ideal system for communities and public spaces, especially since it is very reliable and resistant. But it can also be used at home (kitchen, bathroom, toilet) since it is available on many models, for all types of use.

Very comfortable to use, it is particularly hygienic since its closure is automatic, even more when the system is triggered without contact of the hands. Finally, the materials that compose it are anticorrosive and anti-scale, which facilitates its maintenance.

The different installations of the timed tap

There are many models of timed faucets, equipped with various features to suit all situations.

We distinguish in particular here:

  • Elbow Control Time Delayed Lavatory Faucet, a specific faucet for people with reduced mobility.
  • The infrared faucet, which is triggered without contact of the hands, by simple movements.

The timed tap in all its forms and styles (whether design or classic) can be installed:

  • Wall-mounted, for a wall-mounted faucet that can be used for a shower, sink, urinal or toilet.
  • On the beach, useful when installed on a sink or bidet.
  • Recessed in the wall
  • Fixed on a panel
  • Crossed partition, which avoids clutter piping.

It is now possible to equip a timed tap for a price of around thirty euros. The most expensive models up to 500 euros

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