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For most people going through an architect to build his house, it just means hiring a talented professional to create plans for an original and personalized home. But does the role of an architect merely conceive of plans, or can it, on the contrary, give him more responsibility?

The missions of an architect in the construction of a house

The missions of an architect in the construction of a house

The role of an architect in the construction of a house: according to the needs of the client

When we say that we decided to call an architect for the construction of his house, it's finally quite vague.

The first thing you ask an architect is obviously design the plans for our future home by respecting our desires and our tastes, and by bringing his professional expertise.
But the architect can play a more or less important role in our construction project, and it is up to us to define it according to our needs and our skills.

We can globally define 3 types of mission for an architect (in addition to the basic mission, to design the plans):

  • The partial mission "Building permit application": in addition to establishing the plans of the house, the architect will help us to establish a building permit.
  • The partial mission "project study": this includes the previous partial mission (plans + application for a building permit), but in addition the architect will elaborate the technical documents of the project, without however taking care of the works.
  • The complete mission: for this mission, it's the architect who manages everything from A to Z: the plans, the technical documents, the coordination of the works... It is the option "tranquility assured"!

Obviously, the larger the role of the architect, the more the fees will be.

The architect: a professional councilor also

When you have your house built using an architect, it is of course to take advantage of his talent and technical know-how, but we must not forget that the architect is also a professional who can bring us many councils, whatever the mission attributed to him.

At the level of plan design: while following the guidelines that he has been given, he can give us lots of tips and guide us to optimize the space.

With regard to the realization of the worksEven if it's not his job, and it's up to us to get in touch with the companies, he can still help us; this professional is used to the world of building and construction, so we do not hesitate to listen to his advice as to the companies that we want to choose. He can even, if necessary, help us in our relations with them.

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