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I had an air source heat pump installed: april 2008 I was told that I was entitled to tax credit for all the equipment. now claim half, telling me that credit is only on outside groups. What recourse do I have?

Please note that a petition circulates with the support of the CLCV (Consumer Housing and Living Environment), a consumer protection association that asks the tax services to agree on the conditions for granting tax credits for pumps to air / air heat.

The 2010 finance law is marked by a fall in many credits and the appearance of new provisions in favor of certain systems that did not benefit until now. Already, in July 2007, the Tax Administration specified that only the outdoor unit of a heat pump system deserved a tax credit, thus countering the 2005 Finance Act which created a development tax credit. sustainability and energy savings. A very criticized system of recovery has been launched that compromises the credibility of the tax credit system.

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