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Tax credit and renovation assistance

The notion of tax credit is well known today. It consists in financially supporting a number of energy renovation works in the main residence (hence the name "C.I.T.E" acronym for "tax credit for the energy transition"), without any income requirement. The goal is to reduce the heating consumption of the home, while improving its thermal comfort and ventilation. Tax "credit" means the possibility of deducting from its taxes (and not only from its income) the cost of certain equipment acquired through professionals benefiting from the RGE certification (Recognized Guarantors of the Environment ) and installed by these in the rules of the art. If you are not taxed, you will get a check from the Administration. This tax provision goes back to a direct subsidy in favor of the individuals thus relates mainly to the insulation (insulation of the walls, insulation of the roof, insulation of the walls the insulating windows etc.), the production of domestic hot water, the equipment of heating and regulating it, ventilation, etc. It is accompanied by various potential aids such as zero-rate eco-loans, reduced-rate VAT, energy bonuses, etc.

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