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The tax credit is a financial assistance created by the State to encourage you to improve the energy performance of your home. Insulating your house is therefore one of the priorities in order to reduce heat loss and lower your heating consumption.

What is the tax credit?

The tax credit is a financial assistance created by the State to encourage French households to improve the energy quality of their homes. By performing insulation work, you can deduct a portion of the expenses incurred from your income tax. Formerly known as Tax Credit Sustainable Development (CIDD), it has today evolved into Tax Credit Energy Transition (CITE) under the new bill of finance 2015. The rate, which was before 15 or 25 % maximum, has turned into a single rate of 30%. The conditions to benefit from it have also evolved to allow more freedom and more flexibility.

What are the conditions to benefit from it?

Whether you own or rent, know that you can benefit from CITE. However, you must be domiciled tax in France and the housing concerned by the work must be your main residence. The tax credit only concerns constructions completed more than two years ago. Since September 1, 2014, it is no longer mandatory to complete a work package to be eligible for the tax credit and the income limit has disappeared. The expenditure ceiling remains in force. Finally, be aware that the tax credit concerns only a certain type of work and you can benefit only if the equipment is purchased and installed by a certified professional RGE (Recognized Guarantor of the Environment).

The ideal solution to insulate your home

The tax credit is well known to consumers and tends to appeal to many of you when it comes to doing insulation work. Indeed, the thermal insulation works are part of the works eligible for ISCED and are the only ones to benefit from the tax credit for the purchase of equipment and labor. Although heating systems and the use of renewable energies are also part of the eligible works, the cost of installation can not be financed by ISCED.

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