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The taxation of real estate assets adapts to each situation. There are therefore taxes for the holding of real estate (property tax and ISF), tax measures in case of income from land and capital gains and rights for the transmission of assets. Overview of the taxation of real estate assets.

Taxation of real estate

Taxation of real estate

Taxation of property assets and property tax

The property tax is a local tax. Each owner pays annually the taxes corresponding to his or her real estate built.

This tax is calculated by the administration according to the potential rent that the owner could draw from his property.
Calculation of the property tax = Cadastral income x Rates fixed by the local authorities.

ISF and real estate heritage

The solidarity tax on wealth It is also part of the tax measures attached to real estate assets. Indeed, the ISF concerns all the elements of "fortune", property being naturally counted among them.

The natural persons concerned by this annual tax are:

  • domiciled in France;
  • custodians of assets (global) with a minimum net worth of € 1,300,000.

Property income and wealth taxation

Property income comes from real estate rented (housing, garages, offices, land, boxes,...).

This income is taxable under different regimes depending on the taxpayer's situation (micro-land, real estate, BIC, BNC). A social levy of 13.5% is also exempt from these property revenues.

To note: life annuities are also subject to income tax.

Taxation for the transmission of its real estate

The transfer of its real estate property to his heirs is subject to inheritance rights, the cost of which varies according to the degree of kinship that existed between the deceased and the beneficiary of the property.

In case of donation of real estate, there is also a property tax, real estate security contribution and gift tax.

Capital gains for taxable real estate disposals

When an owner sells one of his real estate (house, apartment, land), it is generally possible for him to obtain a capital gain (if the property is resold more expensive than it was bought).

The real estate capital gain will be taxed at 34.5% if the sale concerns a second home owned for less than 30 years.

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