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A technical door fulfills a specific use and must meet clearly defined standards. These guarantee the effectiveness of the door and allow the buyer to find their way around.

The technical door, a specific tool

Choosing a technical door is choosing a door that displays improved features and performance, a door that meets standards and legislation. In some cases, such as for an interior door between a bedroom and a living room, you can freely choose whether to opt for a technical door. In other situations this solution will be obligatory and you will not be able to derogate from it.

This type of door will therefore meet specific criteria of safety or use. In total, four technical doors can meet:

  • The fire door, a true bulwark against flames and smoke. This type of door can compartmentalize different areas of the same house in case of fire.
  • The armored door, the absolute security for your entry. It is specially designed to withstand burglary attempts and combines the advantages of other doors as it also has excellent insulation and high fire resistance.
  • The landing door, whose use is sometimes required. Insulating cold, sound and fire resistant, it can also be shielded. Mainly used as a front door, it is also suitable for indoor use to protect or isolate certain rooms.
  • The tailor-made door, which makes it possible to adapt the door to the specific needs of the buyer or the non-standard dimensions of an opening. Technical doors such as single doors, whatever their type of opening, can be ordered to measure.

Standards of quality

The criteria that must be fulfilled by a landing door are defined by the legislation according to the type of dwelling, so they will vary according to your accommodation and its seniority. On the other hand, whether for the fire door or the armored door, standards exist to guide the choice of the buyer. These standards guarantee you the quality of the product but also its conformity with the legislation in force. They are valid for all types of housing. So:

  • your fire door will have to be fire-resistant, fire-rated and of course fire-rated. For the European nomenclature, its effectiveness will be indicated by the acronym REI,
  • your armored door will have to be fireproof, insulating and hermetic. In addition, a suitable lock, namely the A2P, will have to be installed. For a security door block, certifications range from AP2 PB1 to AP2 PB3.

Purchase and installation, which provider to choose?

To acquire a technical door, several existing solutions. Whether it's for a custom door or a standard door, you can:

  • go through a big sign. Be particularly vigilant about the quality of the proposed realization, the service may be of lower quality than in a smaller structure,
  • go through a SME type company. In general, these companies offer not only custom made products or specific products but also offer to install the door at your home. The cost of this installation is largely amortized by the reduced VAT which you will benefit while passing by a professional,
  • go through a craftsman. Some will offer exceptional pieces, even if the cost will be higher. However, you can certainly benefit from an installation or maintenance at preferential rates.

Note that the effectiveness of your technical door and its life will depend on the quality of the installation. Go through a professional for the installation of a technical door is strongly recommended. Also consider online quotes that are an asset to the consumer. You can freely compare prices and services of different providers.

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