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Watering the surface, watering the ground or drip irrigation are some of the watering techniques that can be adopted. The choice between one or the other will be made in particular according to the needs of the plants, the surface of its garden and its financial means. But what are the characteristics of these different watering techniques?

Watering techniques

Watering techniques

Watering on the surface

This is the most popular, the most common and the simplest watering technique. With this system, water reaching the plants comes, as its name suggests, from the surface. Simply attach a flexible garden hose to a faucet or use your watering can to provide your plants with all the water they need. Watering on the surface can also be done through sprinklers placed on the lawn of his garden. It can then be static or rotary sprinklers, sprinklers, or oscillating sprinklers.

The technique of watering the surface is suitable for all types of plants that can be found in a garden.

Buried watering

Also called "integrated watering", the watering buried is a technique of watering which is visually very discrete since it is dissimulated in the ground. This type of watering requires the use of a scheduler that allows scheduling watering time and a network of pipes through which the water passes before feeding the sprinklers which then distribute to the plants. However, this is a watering technique that implies that a major installation has been carried out, which requires a significant financial investment and the help of a professional landscaper.

Drip irrigation

Drip irrigation, also called "irrigation by micro irrigation" is a watering technique particularly suitable for plants, flower beds and shrubs, planters and vegetable gardens that need to be watered so precise. The water drips to the roots of the plants through a microporous pipe so that they have an optimal water supply. This system is programmable so that it is an automatic watering that does not require manual actions. The advantage of this technique is that it is economical since watering is totally mastered. This avoids both the evaporation of water and the development of weeds. The installation of a drip system can however seem complicated because of the multiple parts composing it.

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