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Tempered glass is a conventional glass sheet that has been thermally or chemically treated. This process gives it interesting characteristics such as excellent thermal and sound insulation and greater resistance to external temperature variations and shocks.

Tempered glass: the technical corner

Tempered glass is a security glass, also called in the profession "Securit". This glass undergoes quenching treatment during its manufacture in order to increase its performance. There are two distinct manufacturing processes.

Heat treatment of glass: the most common

In this case, the glass is heated to a temperature of 700° C. It is then cooled very quickly to 300° C by cold air pulse.

After treatment, a tempered glass window is 5 times more resistant to thermal shocks and withstands temperature variations of 200° C versus 60° C for ordinary glass. Another advantage is that the tempered glass breaks into little sharp chips, which brings a reassuring aspect especially in the presence of young children.

Chemical treatment of glass: a very high resistance

In this process, the glass is heated to 400° in a bath of saline solution. It is kept at this temperature for a time that can vary from 12 to 36 hours.

Chemically tempered glass is much stronger than thermally tempered glass. This treatment is very expensive and this type of glass is very rare in individuals. It is mostly used for installations requiring a extraordinary resistance like the airplane portholes or bus shelters, for example.

Where do we find tempered glass?

Tempered glass integrates perfectly with double glazing and can be installed on the façade because it offers great wind resistance. It also provides maximum thermal and acoustic insulation. It also adapts harmoniously to interior spaces such as shower screens, glass partitions, sliding doors, showcases, shelves...

Tempered glass window: to know

It is very difficult, if not impossible, to cut a tempered glass. It is therefore in standard dimension or it is made to measure. It is therefore important to take the dimensions correctly before ordering a tempered glass window.

Tempered glass is becoming increasingly popular with consumers because its performance meets safety requirements and good insulation.

Price of a tempered glass window

Before ordering a tempered glass, it is recommended to take the exact dimensions because this type of glass can not be cut and to choose the classic characteristics of the glass such as the desired thickness, the shape, the hue... The prices are calculated according to the thickness of the window which can vary from 3 to 19 mm, its finishes and its surface always fixed to m². As it is a custom made glass it is advisable to ask for several comparative quotes.

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