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In the framework of the ten-year guarantee, the expert who has costed the cost of the repairs asks me to sign his letter of agreement of acceptance on which it is written that this compensation will be final, is it not a question of abuse of power since it is the decennial that is in progress, that all the defects are not taken into account and that new ones appear. We are over eighty and we are a little on the side of the road. It would be nice to have a little advice from you.

Your main contact is your insurer who has a consulting mission.

It is not abnormal, however, that the expert encrypts the "damage" involved and makes you a proposal. It is up to you to see if you consider that the compensation corresponds to their repair (in particular starting from estimate which you will have made establish) or if it is insufficient.

Accepting this proposal, if you deem it sufficient, does not commit you to the future, in the case of other damages or aggravation of those indemnified. You can always add a handwritten clause of the type "subject to other defects related to the decennial, or aggravation of the defects of the proposed compensation".

If you do not agree with the expert's proposal, you can challenge it and commit your own expert.

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