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Do you think your home is infested with termites? Know the signs of infestation of this pest that attacks wood, and use the right methods to eliminate or treat the house.

What are termites?

Termites are insects that live in colonies, and are present in France, particularly in the south and west of France, but also in Ile-de-France and some northern departments. These insects tackle the wood and are able to cross the buildings through the walls, which make them formidable pests, since they can completely ruin a building, gnawing wood and carpentry and starting from the bottom of the building and thus the foundations. It is difficult to detect the presence of termites during the first years, but if you find that termites have actually settled in your home, you must act quickly to to avoid a collapse of a part of the building. Note that termites are also the subject of a mandatory diagnosis when selling a property.

How to perceive the presence of termites in the house?

Know first of all that it is particularly difficult to notice the presence of termites at home, in his house or building. Indeed, unlike other insects or rodents, termites act without making any noisebut they also work without leaving any apparent traces, since you will not find sawdust as the termites eat absolutely all the wood. On the other hand, you can detect the presence of termites by looking for holes in the walls and wooden elements of the building, since adult termites tend to dig holes whose gaps are fairly regular.

Methods to eliminate termites alone

At first, you can try to get rid of termites using methods at your fingertips, although their eradication is not easy without professional methods:

  • You can buy beneficial nematodesThese are small worms that are parasites for termites, and cause you to kill them by infesting them;
  • You can make termite traps cardboard to catch them, and then burn the trap;
  • If you have furniture infested with termites, you can place them in the sun for a few days, it will kill the termites that survive in the dark;
  • You can treat the house with boric acid who will dehydrate termites and kill them;
  • You can get products specifically designed to prevent the proliferation of termites.

Note that it is particularly difficult to eradicate termites yourself, and it is recommended to call in a professional who may for example treat the house in the microwave who kill termites.

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