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The function of a terrace is to make you enjoy sunny days. To decorate, there is a large amount of special furniture, plants and ornaments.

The terrace, furniture and ideas for converting it

The terrace, furniture and ideas for converting it

Your terrace: a bit of nature

The presence of plants on your terrace can impart a zen and friendly atmosphere. There is also a multitude of pots in a wide price range: earth, plastic, metal or wood. Prefer a material that matches that of your terrace to harmonize the decor. The most popular plant is bamboo. The cacti and the boxwood are also very aesthetic and will give elegance to the terrace. If your terrace is equipped with an awning, you can attach a climbing plant such as jasmine or Jericho trumpets. Or you can simply install a tracking.

You can also install a fountainspecialized businesses offer everything from the most complex to the most simple. The movement and the sound of the water give a feeling of rest. Some fountains are even planned to accommodate fish.

Your terrace: protect it from the sun

Enjoying the terrace also requires shelter from the sun. The arrangement therefore includes a shelter part. Again, according to your tastes and needs, you will find a large number of solutions: retractable awning covered with fabric or Beach umbrella, for point solutions; an electric awning, but which may be unsightly or wooden or iron structures, covered with stretched or stretchable fabric, wood or climbing plants, fixed or not to the wall of the house. These can give your terrace a welcoming appearance. For a Mediterranean atmosphere, imagine a wooden pergola on which are fixed wood battens spaced a few centimeters, guaranteed louver aspect!

Your terrace: enjoy it to the full

Who says terrace under the idleness. The ideal is to install a garden furniture. It is a must. You will have the choice, according to your budget: sofa, bench, armchair, table and chair, lounger, chaise longue... Make your terrace a solarium by extending mattresses designed for it. When night falls, enjoy your terrace with lights: street lights, designer lamps, lanterns, posts. The terrace must be, today, a new room of your house!

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