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I have a small problem with my terrace made of terracotta tiles, she is more than 20 years old, and for some time flees in the living room on the ground floor, especially when after a heavy rain and the wind there is engorgement of the conduit evacuation because of leaves etc... I would like to know what I have to do to refurbish "or rather renovate" my terrace, but I want to keep if possible the original terracotta tiles.

Obviously start with put a strainer which will prevent the clogging of your evacuation descent. Optionally replace it with a pipe of greater diameter.

The leaks of a terrace almost always come from joints between tiles and the peripheral junction between walls and pavement. You can waterproof joints, for example with a polyurethane sealant (for example, waterproofing sealant SOL ET TERRASSE from Dip Etanch).

If the leak is structural and comes from a significant crack in the slabit will have to find it and therefore remove the tiles. If you want to keep this one, you can very patiently remove it by bleeding the joints. The ideal was to keep some tiles during the installation, because it is unlikely that you do not break some.

Once the tiles have been removed, remove the old screed if it is cracked, re-seal, classically with bituminous coating or a sheet of Calendrite, or with a liquid sealing system (such as that of SOPREMA) very powerful. Make a new screed and then lay your tiles.

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