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A tiled terrace

The tiled terraces, with their timeless charms, are still popular with private individuals. A popularity they certainly owe to their strength and the wide range of materials, ranges and prices. Nevertheless, the choice is complicated in front of this offer of the most varied. That's why this week DIYDubranche invites you to deepen your knowledge of tiled terrace.

Large families of exterior tiles.

slate terrace

Tiled terraces usually consist of stone tiles (natural and reconstituted) or ceramic tiles. Among the stone tiles you can choose between granite for an authentic and rustic style, design and warm limestone, noble marble, but cold, natural and dark slate or reconstituted stone. As far as prices are concerned, plan a minimum of 50 euros per square meter that can quickly increase for slate or marble. Namely, stone tiles withstand the test of time and shocks except marble, which tends to crack. Because of this, HandymanDuDimanche strongly advises you to opt for marble on an outdoor terrace that would be subject to many constraints. As for the ceramic terraces they can be made of terracotta or tiles, traditional and resistant, porcelain stoneware, an unbreakable material and imitating others to perfection, earthenware for a classic terrace or mosaic for an original and economic decor. Here, plan a budget ranging from 10 to 150 euros per square meter for relatively robust materials.

A tiled terrace: practical side.

tiled terrace

The installation of a tiled terrace can be done by gluing on an existing support or by sealing on a concrete screed. Furthermore, the tiles can be arranged in many laying plans: mosaic, diagonal, checkerboard or anointed anointed. If in theory the tiling of a terrace seems accessible to all DIYers, in practice this type of site is usually more complex than expected. Indeed, it is not easy to adhere strictly to the laying plan and to place perfectly straight each tile. In addition, the risks of infiltration and drainage must be taken into account. As a result, HandymakerDuenchanche encourages you to call on a qualified professional to build a solid and aesthetic terrace while you enjoy the ten-year warranty. Also maintenance level, just clean the tile from time to time mopping with a little soapy water.

The advantages and disadvantages of a tiled terrace.

Tiled terraces have the advantage of being relatively simple and inexpensive to maintain what is not the case for all materials. In addition, they prove robust and durable provided they have been perfectly installed. You will also appreciate the wide choice of materials, colors, quality and prices. Regret, however, that we should avoid too light-colored tiles, which tend to tarnish and become clogged faster than others. We also note that the joints of the tiles may crack after a certain time. Finally, if your tiles are not water repellent, pay attention to slips that can be dangerous.

Finally, to make sure you do not go wrong when you choose the tiling of your terrace, HandymanDuDimanche invites you to learn about the standards in force

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