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A custom terrace is built according to the space available, technical constraints and especially in compliance with safety standards. Making plans to study the real possibilities and seek the advice of a specialist in the field are tips that should not be taken lightly. Here are the first practical tips before building a custom terrace...

Custom terraces

Custom terraces

The plan of the custom-made terrace

Before building a custom terrace, it is essential to ask the right questions. First, there is the intended use: is it a rest area? From a place dedicated to children? A place to have family meals?

Then come specificities of construction, especially the dimensions. Then you have to decide whether hedges, specific equipment, garden furniture or shade shades and shades will be put in place and where.

Which location?

The location of a wooden deck is chosen taking into consideration the orientation of the sun. To take full advantage of the heat and the sun's rays, the terrace should be facing south.

With regard to form, three options are possible. The decision is based on the needs, preferences and characteristics of the building and the land. The terrace can be rectangular, round or L-shaped.

What dimension for a custom-made terrace?

Here, we must first evaluate available space. Then decide on the use that will be reserved for the custom terrace. An area between 5 and 10 m² minimum is necessary to accommodate a table and four chairs. It takes about double to create a real living space. To create spacious custom terraces to divide into two spaces (one side a table and chairs and the other a relaxation area with sun loungers), it takes a minimum of 20 sqm. Attention, a building permit is obligatory if the surface of the terrace exceeds 20 m ².

Photos to better visualize the terrace

To have uno concrete idea of ​​the rendering of terraces to measure, to make photos or more precisely montages in photo is essential.
To do this, we can call on a software specially designed for the realization of 3D plans. Just take a picture of the construction and the proposed location of the terrace. Then, the terrace is virtually drawn on computer with relief effects. The result obtained makes realistic decisions on the layout of the terrace, to better exploit the space and install any decorative elements or others. In the end, visualize your future terrace by images allows you to customize the space in a real way to obtain a real custom terrace to his wishes.

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