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The wooden grating is a slab model that is particularly suitable for small terraces. The gratings are generally in a square shape, in standard dimensions of 50 x 50 centimeters.

The terraces in wooden gratings

The terraces in wooden gratings

The wooden grating

The wooden slatted terraces are the result of the assembly of several slabs made of wood slats that come in different thicknesses and colors. These are attached to cleats by screwing or gluing with necessary spacing so that the water can flow freely in case of rain.

The grating makes it possible to create a beautiful terrace but it can also be used for the realization of a garden path or to personalize the development of a swimming pool. It is a very solid material, even rot-proof. It requires a minimum of maintenance. Just use a high-pressure cleaner once every year and you're done.

How to lay wooden slats?

Wooden gratings are usually square shape but it is also possible to find models of hexagonal shape. They are set up on a very stable and flat ground. Soil preparation is a crucial step that often requires the intervention of a professional. The installation of the wooden slatted terraces consists in nesting the slabs between them. The installation can be done in a homogeneous way or by taking into account particular and more original motifs and designs.

Over time, the wood may become grayish. To avoid this phenomenon, it is recommended to frequently varnish the terrace using a suitable product.

The advantages of wooden gratings

Wooden gratings are particularly resistant. They owe this hardness to the fact that they have undergone a specific treatment. Over time, wooden slatted terraces are very resistant to wear and bad weather.

Depending on the preferences of each, it is possible to choose between several species of wood among which we find exotic wood (including Ipe), pine or teak. The selection is made according to the aesthetic aspect and the finish.

What price for a wooden slatted terraces?

For a model of first choice, prices start at around 2 euros for a slab. To enjoy a beautiful exotic wood, it is necessary to provide up to 10 euros. The standard dimensions are 50 x 50 centimeters. The price can still climb if one chooses a very dense wood species or a striated material that has the particularity of being anti-slip.

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