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Land may not be buildable for a variety of reasons. This may be the case if it does not respect certain technical or legal conditions that authorize the construction of a building. However, some exceptions allow to build despite everything. The constructability of a piece of land is then to be studied on a case by case basis.

Non-building land

Non-building land

Cases in which land is not buildable

If a land is not connected to any water or electricity network, it does not respect the technical conditions allowing it to be described as constructible. In addition, the land must be declared as such in a land use plan and in a local urban plan.
A land declared unbuildable is not necessarily for all types of projects. We can qualify a land of inconstructible if the construction project consists of the erection of a building for commercial use, and accept, for the same land, a small dwelling is built there.
In addition, a lot may be inconstructible if it is located neara historical monument or a mountain for example. We will seek to preserve these heritages by not authorizing construction. You can also declare an unbuilt land because of the dangerousness of it due to his exposure to a risque of natural disastere. It can for example be a flood or seismic ground.

Precautions to take

To avoid buying land that will prove to be inconstructible, it is advisable to go to the town hall first to check the local town plan or the land use plan. One can also protect oneself from a planning certificate to have a proof of the constructibility of a ground or not. The rules contained in this certificate are valid for one year. It is therefore recommended to apply for a building permit as soon as you obtain this certificate to obtain permission to build in the field because planning rules may change at the end of it.

Build on unbuilt land

Even if a piece of land is declared unbuildable, it is possible to build a small garden hut from the moment no foundations are dug. Similarly, it is possible to park a mobile home or a caravan, but only if this parking is temporary.
In addition, it is important to know that a land that is declared to be inconstructible can subsequently be buildable. This is possible if the local urban plan or the land use plan themselves undergo a modification or revision of their content.

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