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With this comparison of 8 monosplit air conditioners available on the market, find the criteria of choice to buy the material to ask and the opinion of the editorial team at the end of this test bench conso:

Buying an air conditioner: the criteria of choice

The two units of a monosplit air conditioning (an indoor unit coupled to an outdoor unit, in fact a heat pump) connect with refrigerating copper. This rot-resistant material is the most suitable for containing the refrigerant that ensures the proper functioning of this type of equipment.

In 2014, it sold in France nearly 350,000 monosplit air conditioners, all powers combined *.
Air conditioning as we conceived it so far (cold production only) exists only in our memories.
Over the last ten years, she has turned to reversibility (inverter technology). It does not just refresh, it also has the ability to heat through its outdoor unit, a heat pump (PAC) air / air.
The latest generations are performing well. And to check their performance, it is necessary to refer to their energy classification.

A liquid or gaseous state

A monosplit air conditioner consists of a wall element (the blower) and an external unit (the heat pump), the latter can also supply (multisplit system) several indoor units or a network of ducts.
The two elements are connected by a special copper circuit treated to withstand the pressure and carry a refrigerant (the most used being the R-410A) which goes from the liquid or gaseous state depending on whether it is in cooling mode or heating.
The fluid passes through four organs: an evaporator exchanger where it absorbs the heat of the medium in which it is located; a compressor that increases its pressure and temperature; a heat exchanger where it gives up its heat and finally, a holder, whose function is to lower its pressure before evaporation. By reversing the cycle (in cooling mode), the evaporator becomes capacitor.
In winter, the system captures the outside calories, even when the temperatures are negative, to restore the heat in the housing once the exchange in the air conditioner performed. In cooling mode, the principle is the same: it absorbs the hot air of the house that it evacuates outside to lower the indoor temperature.

Test: 8 reversible monosplit air conditioners: monosplit

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reversible air conditioner monosplit

The heat pump is delivered preloaded with refrigerant.
When commissioning, the installer must make sure that the connection is tight before releasing the fluid into the circuit.

Monosplit air conditioning: an installation reserved for professionals

Monosplit air conditioning can not do without professionals ** because of the nature of the fluid circulating in the circuit to operate the air conditioning. This fluid is a potent greenhouse gas whose heating capacity is much higher than that of CO2.
To avoid possible releases into the atmosphere, it must be enclosed in a permanently sealed circuit and can only be released by a professional with a certificate of capacity and the EGR label.

Less and less noisy air conditioning!

Manufacturers have made real efforts in proposing PAC whose sound pressure (perception of the human ear) is below 50 dB and indoor units emitting less than 20 dB for some. There are several criteria to consider when you get a monosplit air conditioning. The interior sound level should be as low as possible and the location of the outside group well thought out. It will not be installed under a window for example and, if the neighborhood is very close, plant a screen to reduce the visual impact and limit the sound level.
* Source: Daikin.
** The intervention of a professional costs between € 220 and € 880 (VAT 10%) depending on the configuration, installation and / or installation

Where to place the indoor unit of an air conditioner?

The indoor unit is installed in living rooms or at night.
In the living roomif the air conditioner is well oriented, it can benefit the rest of the house through natural ventilation. It is usually placed over a door, but can also be fixed above the sofa or television.
In the bedroomit is best not to place it near the bed and to adjust the flaps of the unit to avoid the flow of fresh air during the night.
It takes about 100 W / m² (depending on the insulation of the housing, its glass surface, its exposure...). For example, for an area of ​​20 m², the required power is 2 kW.

where to place your air conditioning at home

A thermal balance to define the power

what power to choose its air conditioning

A monosplit air conditioning must be chosen according to the needs. Under-sized, over-consumption is inevitable.
Oversized, the cap will be louder. It is the configuration and the composition of the hearth that determine the location of the elements.
Exposure to the home is also a factor to consider and, in absolute terms, having a home-based heat assessment done by a licensed professional may be a good option for determining the exact power of the air conditioner to be installed.

The criteria of choice

Energy class is marked on a label by a color code (from green to red) and letters (from A to G). Thanks to their technology, the PACs are all class A. The best performing in class A +, A ++ or A +++ for the most energy-efficient.
Since the 1st January 2013, the new European regulation requires a seasonal assessment of air conditioning. Two coefficients make it possible to precisely evaluate the performances of the apparatus in cold mode (the SEER *) and hot mode (the SCOP **): that is the real energy consumed with regard to the energy restored.
If for 1 kW consumed, the air conditioner provides a power of 4.8 kW, it is then three to four times more savings to the key. These performances, associated with the installation by an approved professional, are essential to benefit from the Anah or the energy premium (CEE ***)... Note that the tax credit is only granted to air / water heat pumps since January 1, 2015.
Reminder: the advantages of Inverter technology
The Inverter adapts the power of the air conditioner as needed. It delivers more power when starting and it reduces it in case of absence. Its role is to constantly regulate the power of the compressor to maintain the temperature, unlike a conventional air conditioner whose compressor stops when the set temperature is reached and restarts to maintain it. By avoiding this succession of stops and restarts, the Inverter technology ensures more reliability and longevity to the air conditioner components while offering greater comfort to the users.
** Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio: seasonal energy efficiency value in cooling mode
** Seasonal Coefficient Of Performance: seasonal energy efficiency in heating mode
*** Certificate of energy saving

Presentation of the 8 air conditioners tested:

Test: 8 reversible monosplit air conditioners: conditioners

Qlima - S 3325

Qlima air conditioner - S 3325

The +: the possibility of installing the waterproof connection system yourself
Class A
549 €

Surface area: 25 to 35 m2
Nominal power input / output (cooling mode): 0,85 / 2,7 kW SEER / SCOP (see box on page 43): 5,4 / 3,8
Operation: from 0 to + 50° C
Int. Unit: 31/58 dB (A) (2) Outdoor unit: 56/64 dB (A) (2)
Warranty: 2 years parts, compressor 5 years
Distribution: GSB (3)

Panasonic - Etherea

Panasonic air conditioner - Etherea

The +: the rapid rise in temperature and its system of purification and control of the humidity of the air
Class A ++
1542 €
Surface area: 25 to 30 m2

Rated power input / output (cooling mode): 0.46 / 2.05 kW SEER / SCOP: 6 / 3.8
Operation: from -10° to + 43° C
Int. Unit: 20/20 dB (A) (2) External unit: 45/46 dB (A) (2)
Warranty: 2 years parts, compressor 5 years
Distribution: installer

Mitsubishi Electric - Wall Mount Design MSZ-EF

Mitsubishi Electric Air Conditioner - Wall Mount Design MSZ-EF

The +: the only product on the market available in 3 colors (white, gray, black)
Class A +++
1843 €
Surface: from 20 to 30 m2

Nominal power input / output (cooling mode): 0.5 / 2.5 kW SEER / SCOP: 8.5 / 4.7
Operation: from - 10 to + 46° C
Int. Unit: 21/21 dB (A) (2) Outdoor unit: 47/48 dB (A) (2)
Warranty: 3 years parts, 5 years compressor
Distribution: installer

LG - LG Artcool Panel Ligthing (G09WL)

LG Air Conditioner - LG Artcool Panel Ligthing (G09WL)

The +: its touch remote control, its design and compressor guaranteed 10 years
Class A +
1950 €
Surface area: 10 to 40 m
Rated power input / output (cooling mode): 0.69 / 2.5 kW SEER / SCOP: 5.7 / 3.8
Operation: from - 10 to + 48° C
Int. Unit: 29/39 dB (A) (2) Outdoor unit: NA (4) / 45 dB (A) (2)
Warranty: 1 year labor, 3 years parts, 10 years compressor
Distribution: installer

Hitachi - Shirokuma - XRAK-25RXB

Hitachi air conditioner - Shirokuma - XRAK-25RXB

The +: the high power even at low temperatures
Class A +++
1992 €
Surface: from 20 to 30 m
Rated power input / output (cooling mode): 0.54 / 2.5 kW SEER / SCOP: 8.5 / 4.7
Operation: from - 10 to + 43° C
Int. Unit: 20/40 dB (A) (2) Outdoor unit: NA (4) / 46 dB (A) (2)
Warranty: 3 years
Distribution: installer

Atlantic Fujitsu - Wall Mount Design Asyg 9 LT

Fujitsu Atlantic Air Conditioner - Wall Mount Design Asyg 9 LT

The +: extension of warranty in case of commissioning by an authorized installer
Class A +++
2586 € (1)
Surface: from 20 to 45 m
Rated power input / output (cooling mode): 0.5 / 2.5 kW SEER / SCOP: 8.5 / 4.6
Operation: from - 10 to + 43° C
Int. Unit: 21/42 dB (A) (2) External unit: 48/48 dB (A) (2)
2 years warranty
Distribution: installer

Daikin - Emura, size 20 (with R-32 fluid)

Daikin - Emura air conditioner, size 20 (with R-32 fluid)

The +: the low sound pressure and its specific fluid more respectful of the environment
Class A +++
2620 € (1)
Surface area: 20 m
Nominal power absorbed / restored (cooling mode): 0,5 / 2,3 kW Power (3) restored: 2,3 SEER / SCOP: 8,58 / 4,6
Operation: from - 10 to + 46° C
Int. Unit: 19/19 dB (A) (2) Outdoor unit: 46/47 dB (A) (2)
Warranty: according to installer
Distribution: installer

Toshiba - Super Daiseikai (size 10)

The +: the good energy classification for both modes (cold and hot)
Class A +++
3115 € (1)
Surface area: 15 to 25 m
Rated power input / output (cold): 0,49 / 2,5 kW SEER / SCOP: 9,1 / 5,2
Operation: from - 10 to + 46° C
Int. Unit: 20/42 dB (A) (2) Outdoor unit: NA (4) / 47 dB (A) (2)
Warranty: 3 years parts, 5 years compressor
Distribution: installer
(1) Price excluding accessories, installation and commissioning calculated on a 20% VAT.
(2) Minimum / maximum sound pressure.
(3) Put or put into service by a partner installer of the point of sale.
(4) Not applicable

Video Instruction: Video Installazione Monosplit Samsung