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By changing the platform, this mobile workbench is transformed into a bench for circular saw, or into a milling table compatible with all models of portable routers of the brand.

Triton machining station

Originality of the machining station

Foldable workbenches, transportable in the trunk of a car, were known. This model adds to them the possibility of integrating a saw bench complete or a milling table to be equipped with a portable router of the mark. It is thus possible to easily transport a real machining center, or equip a workshop in a very small space.

Getting started with the station

The assembly of the various elements is facilitated by a particularly clear manual, to be followed scrupulously, in particular for the milling table equipped with multiple accessories. The saw and router modules are then put in place with simplicity on the chassis.
Also note a stop button "knee" that contributes to the safety of the handyman.

Use the machining station

The assembly is heavy enough to provide the stability necessary for machining large parts. The parallel guide of the saw is precise. The miter and perpendicular cuts are less well served by a short guide. The milling table module is securely secured by anti-kickback devices (combs).

Characteristics of the machining station

Mark : Triton
Model : Workcentre TWX7
Max load150 kg
Dimensions: L. 1,036 x l 737 x h 900 mm
Weight: 30 kg
Price: 456 € (established only) / 1,017 € (workbench + ripper module + saw module)

  • Saw bench module
Power: 1,800 W
Blade diameter: 254 mm
Cutting height: 86 mm
Blade inclination: 0-45°
Weight15.2 kg
  • Milling table module
Weight : 9.9 kg (without ripper)

  • Most
Quick change of functions
Small footprint and stability
  • The lessers
Unspecified miter cuts
Equipment limited to the machines of the brand

Install a router on the machining station

  • To install the brand rippers, simply push two screws under the soleplate of the machine and tighten the wing nuts.

Saw motor unit

  • Table and motor block of the saw form a single module, just snap on the chassis of the machining center, before connecting the power outlets.

System D's review

This compact, stable and versatile machining center is very practical in small workshops or when traveling.

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