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Equipped with a chain, this hybrid saw, half jigsaw, half chainsaw easily cuts wood or plastics.

Testing a Bosch mini saw

Characteristics of the mini saw

Mark: Bosch
Model : EasyCut 12
Drums: 12 V / 2.5 Ah
Empty speed : 0 to 1400 rpm
Weight (with battery): 1 kg
Sun teeth (H): 4 mm
Number of teeth: 44 (Basic and Speed ​​50), 52 (Speed ​​65)
Guarantee: 1 year
Price : 150 € (with battery and Speed ​​65 blade)
NanoBlade blades in options: Basic 50 Wood (13 €), Speed ​​50 Wood (14 €), Speed ​​65 Wood (17 €), Basic 50 Hardwood (18 €)

Originality of the mini saw

Cutting into a worktop (for a sink, cooktop, etc.) requires two holes to be drilled in order to easily join them by sliding the blade of a jigsaw. It is now useless thanks to this small cordless saw which has a mini-blade equipped with a chain.

Getting started with the mini saw

If the tool is ergonomic, it is not what we remember spontaneously, but the shape of its blade called "NanoBlade". It looks like a miniature chainsaw. The teeth are driven around the body of the blade by the rotation of the motor. The tool can be equipped with four micro-blade models providing two depths of cut (50 and 65 mm), two types of cut (coarse or fine) for different materials (softwood, hardwood, synthetic materials, etc.).

Use the mini saw

Unlike a jigsaw, you have to pull the tool to cut the material flat. It's a little confusing, but the performance of the blade and the lack of vibration, make that one accommodates very quickly. Even with its battery, the tool remains light and easy to handle. He is as comfortable on plastic tube cuts as on branches.

The strengths and weaknesses of the EasyCut mini saw 12


  • Plunge cut
  • No vibrations
  • No lubrication of the chain
  • Fastening the blade without tools

The lessers

  • Accumulation of residues along the cut
  • Handling boot security

System D's review of the Bosch EasyCut 12 mini saw

Even if the saw is uncomfortable when cutting curves, it shows versatile and effective. It also displays good value for money.

Blade housing of the mini saw

  • The blade housing has a footprint that avoids the reversal of meaning.

Tighten the chain of the mini saw

  • The locking flap folded, the chain is automatically tightened.

Plunge cut with mini saw

  • In plunging cut, the shape of the sole allows to accompany the blade in the material while offering a good stability of the tool on the support.