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Powerful and easy to handle, the electric chainsaw can be used to cut firewood, cut planks, prune, carry out small felling... without envying anything of its thermal sister.

Reviews on 6 electric chainsaws

Easier to maintain, less expensive and quieter than a thermal machine, the electric chain saw is ideal for occasional work near the house or in enclosed spaces.

Electric chainsaws: powerful and manageable

His grip is fast. Just connect it to the mains then press the switch and you're off. Of course, this machine always has a "paw to the paw", and it is difficult to work more than 50 m from a power outlet. But the engines are powerful (from 1700 to 2400 W) and offer a maximum chain speed of 12 to 14.5 m / s.
The machines selected for this test accept chain guides from 35 to 45 cm in length, which makes it possible to cut 40 cm logs without any problem. Lightweight (4.3 to 5.7 kg), the grip is facilitated by two large handles and a switch that falls well under the hand. Like all chainsaws, these models do not break the rule by being designed for right-handed.

Help with assembly of the chain

The machines are marketed with the bar removed (except Oregon). You have to learn how to place the guide and install the chain in the right direction. But all manufacturers have made efforts to publish readable and didactic notes.
In addition, pictograms, placed on the machine housing representing a link in the right direction, help in the assembly. Even though this type of machine requires little maintenance except regular cleaning of the drive compartment of the cutting chain, do not forget to fill the oil tank before first use (oil specially designed for this purpose). The lubrication of the chain is done automatically from the start and throughout the use. It is enough to regularly check this level of oil not to be taken by surprise.

Preparation and adjustments of electric chainsaws

Adjust the chain tension of the electric chain saw

  • Different systems exist to adjust the tension of the chain. On the Husqvarna, simply turn a screw placed at the level of the slaughter claw.

adjustment wheel on the electric chain saw

  • On the Bosch and Oregon, the tension adjustment dial is integrated with the hood lock button.

adjustment wheel on the electric chain saw

  • On the Dolmar and Stihl, it is located on the top of the hood and for the Solo by Al-Ko on the side.

Stihl electric chain saw oil tank

  • Access to the oil tank on the Stihl is particularly well studied.
  • It is equipped with a quarter-turn cap perfectly waterproof.
  • The orifice, placed on the top of the engine block, is large enough for easy filling.

Oil tank electric chain saw Husqvarna

  • On the other hand, you have to put the Husqvarna down to refuel.
  • Its filling hole is a bit small as on the Bosch and Dolmar.

particle filter

  • The Bosch is equipped with a removable particulate filter placed on the opening of the tank.

Getting started with the 6 electric chainsaws

Starting an electric chainsaw

  • The six chainsaws tested are equipped with a system that prevents accidental start-up.
  • You must simultaneously press a trigger and a button.

Unlocking control of an electric chainsaw

  • On the Husqvarna, the unlocking control is located on the top of the handle and triggers with the palm of the hand.

Getting started with electric chainsaws

  • On Dolmar and Stihl, pictograms inform the user about the correct position of the handguard plate.
  • Broad enough on all models, it unlocks by pulling it backwards.

Lubricate the chain with a shot oil

  • The chain must be lubricated with a so-called special oil.
  • It is easily found in specialized stores (gardening tools) and some GSB.
  • Bosch and Oregon provide a small can to start the first cuts, which is very useful.

Practical aspects and safety of chainsaws

All chainsaws tested have a power cable which does not measure more than 20 cm, which obliges to use an extension cord. Only the Stihl offers a large 4 m power cord very practical.
Removing the guide bar cover and the tension adjustment of the chain is done without tools, except on the Husqvarna which requires the use of a key (supplied). But no compartment is provided on the machine to store it.
As far as safety is concerned, chainsaws are equipped with a automatic braking system of the chain. Simply release the switch so that the chain stops instantly, except on the Bosch, where it turns 1 or 2 seconds.
Mandatory on all chainsaws, the handguard plate activates the chain brake as soon as it comes into contact with the left hand. It must be locked after each use.

Getting started with electric chainsaws

slaughtering claw

  • A slaughtering claw equips the six machines. It facilitates the penetration of the chain. That of the Stihl is particularly effective.

Prune a tree with an electric chainsaw

  • The side-depressed engine takes up space, but the Husqvarna's tapered body allows it to sneak between branches for pruning.

Prune a tree with an electric chainsaw

  • For horizontal cuts, the front handle protrudes to the side.
  • That of Solo By Al-Ko, wide enough, ensures a good grip.

Prune a tree with an electric chainsaw

  • Located under the handle, the plate "whiplash" prevents the hand is touched by the chain if it breaks.
  • The larger it is, the better.

Maintaining the cord on electric chainsaws

anti-tear attachment system

  • Some chainsaws are equipped with an anti-pulling system.
  • On Dolmar and Bosch, it is directly on the power cord. That of Dolmar is double hairpin.

Electric chainsaw

  • On the Oregon and the Solo by Al-Ko, it's a hook placed on the rear handle. The system 13 is simple and very reliable.

Evaluation criteria for electric chainsaws

  • Thecutting efficiency takes into account the behavior and the cutting speed of the chainsaw. But also the quality of cutting: it is important that the chainsaw does not hurt too much the branch to cut. Especially with fruit trees that are fragile.
  • The comfort in use emphasizes ease of handling, noise and any vibrations generated. The maneuverability and the good balance of the machine are also important criteria. Security is verified as well.
  • Theergonomics relates to the shape of the switches and the chain tension adjustment knobs and their flexibility of use, the design of the handles and their non-skid padding.
  • The settings combine everything that is preparing the chainsaw: access and setting up the guide chain, the tension of the chain. The ease or not of filling the oil tank is also part of it.

Test procedure *

The machines were tested on wooden logs, dry and hard (acacia and plane tree), of different diameters up to 25 cm. The logs were placed on a log bridge for stable and secure work, then cut into small pieces. This made it possible to highlight the cutting speed (quite close to one machine to another), theendurance and the possible rebound effects. A pruning and branch cleaning test was then carried out to obtain indications on the handling of each chainsaw and their ease of use.
* System D test benches are made under real conditions of use by our journalists.
The results may therefore differ from those displayed by the manufacturers, whose tests are performed by laboratories according to standardized protocols.

What to remember from the test?

A key criterion has made it possible to separate the six chainsaws: the comfort of use... Because, performance side, they are quite close.
The Stihl is in the lead. With its 2,300 W well used, it remains effective in all areas. But its high price can be a drag.
Indeed, theOregon, in second position, is an efficient machine, practical and three times cheaper.
Third, the Dolmar is a good outsider. The quality of manufacture is there and it offers a good comfort of use.
The Bosch, fourth, is a compact and handy machine. She cuts quickly and finely.
In fifth place, the Solo by Al-Ko cut without difficulty, but small details, such as a tight oil cap or a trigger of start-up catchy, make him lose points.
Sixth, the Husqvarna, reference in the field of thermal chainsaw, sins on the comfort of use.

Oregon, the favorite of System D

The Oregon Electric Chainsaw

This chainsaw offers A very good value for money. For just under € 140, the machine is delivered assembled and ready for use with a small can of oil offered. She is also equipped an ultra-simple chain sharpening system which makes real services especially if you are not an expert at sharpening. Powerful and comfortable enough to use, its last asset is its quality of manufacture.

The Oregon Electric Chainsaw

It is the only chainsaw equipped with a sharpening system. It is placed behind the drive sprocket.

Comparison of six electric chainsaws

Click on the images to enlarge and find the characteristics of these chainsaws and their performance on the test.

Comparative of 6 electric chainsaws

Comparative of 6 electric chainsaws

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