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Painting with a high-pressure spray gun can cover the same surface ten times faster than with a brush or a roller, with, in addition, an excellent quality of finish.

Wagner Control Pro 250M High Pressure Gun

Features of the high pressure gun

Mark: Wagner
Model: Control Pro 250 M
Power: 550 W
Max pressure: 110 bars
Debit: 1,25 l / min
Pipe length: 9 m
Weight : 7.6 kg
Sound pressure: 94 dB
Supplied equipment : 2 nozzles, a filtration kit
Dimensions : 46.5 x 32 x 38 cm
Guarantee: 3 years (+ 1 year after registration on the Internet).
Price: 479 €

Originality of the high pressure gun

Intended for medium and large areas, this "airless" spray gun can spray different types of paints, such as lacquers, varnishes, stains and other wood treatments. It displays a pressure of only 110 bar, which allows controlled spraying. Simply dip its suction tube with its large strainer into the product jar to spray continuously without having to refill a scoop.

Handling of the high pressure gun

The body of the machine, of small dimension, is stable, robust and light. The soft trigger gun offers a good grip. It has a set of two nozzles to choose according to the viscosity of the product. A storage on the top of the machine allows to place small accessories. However, there is no grip for the suction hose, the gun and the power cable.

The high pressure spray gun

If the HEA (High Efficiency Airless) technology reduces the fogging effect, masking of the areas not to be treated remains necessary. Before the first spraying, the adjustment must be carried out according to the instructions. The gun is equipped with a long hose for good freedom of movement. The engine remains noisy, but the spraying out of the nozzle is less audible than on a traditional airless.

Strengths and weaknesses of the high pressure gun


  • Versatility of applicable products
  • Reduced fog effect
  • Price
The lessers
  • Engine a little noisy

Paint with a high pressure gun

  • The combination of the high product flow rate and the controlled pressure of this airless ensures a fast, covering and homogeneous application.

Add a filter in the cylinder to reduce product plugs

  • The gun can be completed by a filter to insert into a metal cylinder which reduces the product plugs at the nozzle.

The opinion of the editorial staff of System D

"This pistol is efficient and its use is pleasing.With its wide jet and its product pumping system, it is ideal for large areas."

Video Instruction: WAGNER Control Pro 250 M & 350 M - Product Guidance (english)