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In a rigid case, the manufacturer has incorporated a vacuum cleaner, its accessories and a vibrating sander. The duo offers the advantage of sanding without dust, you can also connect your power tools.

Test: VENTARO 1400 PMS pneumatic sander vacuum cleaner from Bosch


Reference: PMS VENTARO 1400
Suggested price: 129,95 €
Engine power: 1400 W
Empty speed, sanding head: 24,000 rpm
Guarantee: 2 years
Surface sanding tray: 104 mm2
Oscillation diameter: 1.6 mm
Weight of the complete set: 5.5 kg
Equipment: Supplied with a suitcase comprising 1 x 2 m suction hose (ø 30 mm), 1 tool adapter, 1 blower nozzle adapter, 1 blower nozzle, 1 dust suction adapter, 2 dust bags, 3 abrasive sheets.

Getting started, use and instructions

Getting started:

In suction mode, you have the choice between setting up the vibrating sander delivered with the bag or connecting to one of your power tools of the same brand. Adapters are also provided for this purpose, but they do not always seem compatible with other brands (Makita, Ryobi...). The set of tips allows to tinker without dust: a drilling kit is responsible for recovering masonry dust.
By connecting the hose to the air outlet, you switch to the blower mode.


Once the suction is turned on, simply switch on the sander button to make it work. The sanding efficiency is comparable to what is achieved with a similar electrical model and the integrated suction leaves virtually no dust on the work surface. Even suction efficiency with a jigsaw (Bosch) and, if the dust extraction kit is not new, it works perfectly and remains "stuck" to the wall by the depression. Workshop, car, house... the vacuum cleaner can do you a lot of good service, but the two meters of the hose makes it necessary to move the suitcase frequently. The blower mode can inflate - and deflate - an extra mattress or pool, but the large diameter of the tip does not match the small valves. Do-it-yourselfers will appreciate it as a "blowgun".


It is detailed on multiple functions, tray changes and includes some tips for using abrasive sheets.



Pneumatic sander as efficient as an electric one. You can add (as an accessory) a sanding pad, ideal for louver blades. Easier to carry in a car trunk than a shop vacuum cleaner and electric sander.

Drilling accessory

Drilling accessory

When connected to the vacuum cleaner, the drilling template allows sanding and drilling without dust. Under pressure produced by the vacuum cleaner allows this accessory to remain in place on the flat surfaces.

The lessers

The lessers

To claim the title of workshop vacuum cleaner, it would be necessary to increase the range of vacuum adapters rather limited to Bosch tools.

Our opinion

An original concept. The sander-vacuum duo gives good results and the accessories widen the possibilities a little. Easy transportation, the device encourages work without the usual dust. You just have to get used to this suction hose, still lagging behind, but the comfort of our airways is well worth this small constraint.

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