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Faced with the diversity of the models proposed by the manufacturers, it is not always easy to choose a smoke detector. Fortunately, tests and serious studies have been done to help you make your choice and to enable you to acquire a safe and effective smoke detector.

Tests: different smoke detectors being sifted

Tests: different smoke detectors being sifted

DAAF: the sinequanone condition

According to tests conducted by UFC-only choose, the first requirement for a smoke detector is to wear the CE label and NF-EN 14604. This is the only condition that your smoke detector can be considered compliant. This conformity is checked at the factory by an independent accredited laboratory which is in charge of controlling and taking out smoke detectors at the end of the manufacturing process. We must still remain vigilant because among the 18 smoke detectors deemed compliant and tested by UFC-what to choose, 6 are considered to be issues and 4 received the words "do not buy".

Smoke detectors: points of vigilance

Before choose your smoke detectorit is important to check the packaging. Indeed, some carbon monoxide detectors have a packaging almost similar to that of smoke detectors and it is easy to be wrong at the time of purchase. Although it is also very useful, it does not have the same functions as a smoke detector. Avoid dual function models because the ideal location for a smoke detector is not the same as that for a carbon monoxide detector. Pay attention also to the different options that are offered to you. It is sometimes tempting to choose a model with temporary mute, interconnection, warranty or use of a caravan. While some options are interesting, they do increase the amount of the invoice and do not make your smoke detector more efficient. Do not forget that its main function is to warn you quickly in case of fire!

Detector models to avoid

According to test done and published by UFC-that choose (paid access), there are models of smoke detectors that do not meet the compliance criteria and others that are considered dangerous.

  • The AREV TECHNIC detector is considered to be unresponsive and is at a limit of compliance.
  • The VIGILENS model beeps too weakly.
  • The DICON and BLYSS models were deemed non-compliant by the DGCCRF.
  • The SMOKE DETECTOR CLOCK THUMBS UP is considered to be non-compliant because it is possible to close its case in the absence of batteries.
  • The following models are discontinued: ARCOTEC DF0001 / KD, EL RO RM144C and BLYSS NB739B-1.

The UFC-what to pick has detected 6 problem models among the 18 tested and filed complaints against 3 manufacturers. If the model you choose is no longer available, do not rush. The law requires the acquisition of a smoke detector before March 8 but you have until the end of 2015 to ask it.

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