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Greenhouse cultivation makes it possible to grow many fruits and vegetables and offers the possibility of an early harvest in the season. However, you must take into account the desired use, the space available and your budget. Here are some tips to know what to grow under a garden greenhouse...

What to grow under a garden greenhouse?

What to grow under a garden greenhouse?

Fruits, vegetables, flowers: what to grow under a greenhouse?

In fact, you can grow almost anything under a garden greenhouse! Most fruits and vegetables can be grown in greenhouses because seedlings are protected from frost and other bad weather.

In the heated greenhouses, ideal conditions to give beautiful fruits and vegetables in any season: tomato, bean, carrot, cucumber, leek, salad, aubergine, strawberry, raspberry, melon... On a smaller scale, the culture of aromatic herbs will be very easy. Be careful because some vegetables such as beans or tomatoes grow in height. So make sure you have enough height in the greenhouse and add stakes or a wire under the roof so that the vegetables can hang on it.

For some, this is the flower cultivation which will be retained. You can plant annuals (blueberry, sweet pea, wallflower, pelargonium...) and perennials (hellebore, fuchsia, primrose, daisy...) for earlier flowering than garden.

The micro-climate of a greenhouse makes it possible to grow vegetables and fruits whatever the seasons and all the year, without being dependent on the weather.

The different types of greenhouses and the possible crops

  • The perfect tunnel for beginners
    The tunnel is a greenhouse that allows above all to protect your seedlings. It consists of metal or plastic hoops planted in the ground and covered with a transparent tarpaulin. The diameter of the hoops can go from 40 to 60 mm which ensures a good solidity. This is the cheapest solution. The price of the simple tunnel does not exceed fifty euros.
  • The frame greenhouse for fruits and vegetables in any season
    The goal of the chassis greenhouse, just like the tunnel, is to protect your seedlings from bad weather. It's a mini garden greenhouse which allows to plant and plant fruits and vegetables in any season. The price of a chassis greenhouse is very affordable, from 50 euros for the simplest models and size.
  • The greenhouse conservatory or winter garden
    In addition to protecting the seedlings, the conservatory greenhouse is used for wintering the most fragile plants and can become a very pleasant living space. If the size of the conservatory greenhouse is greater than 20m² the building is then subject to a building permit. Very design, their structure can be in wood for a traditional style or in aluminum which is a resistant and light material.

If you want to enjoy fruits and vegetables all year long, investing in a greenhouse is the best solution. And if gardening gets you tired, the greenhouse heated veranda can easily be transformed into winter Garden for moments of relaxation.

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