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    Malraux Act 2015

    Return here on the system of tax exemption provided by the law Malraux 2015. What are the tax benefits of this new law and what are the conditions to benefit from it? * What is the device of the 2015 Malraux law? The Malraux 2015 law proposes a tax exemption scheme for French taxpayers who invest or have invested, from January 1, 2013 to December 31, 2015, in the renovation of apartments located in protected area or ZPPAUP (Urban Architectural Heritage Protection Zone or landscaped) for empty rental.

      OPAH condominiums in difficulty

      The OPAH (Programmed Improvement Operations of the Habitat) are tools of assistance to the unions of co-ownership based on the partnership of three entities: the local authorities, the State and the Anah (National Agency of the habitat). The purpose of OPAH is to allow the prevention or rehabilitation of condominiums in difficulty, to carry out essential work to initiate their revaluation.

        Phoenix Houses

        In the 1970s, a house-building company set out on a crazy bet: making the majority of property accessible to the property by drastically lowering prices. Zoom on the phenomenon of Phoenix houses. Phénix houses Phénix houses: instructions for use The secret of manufacturing Phoenix houses to offer houses at such low prices?