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The thermodynamic water heater is a real innovation. Equipped with a heat pump and a storage tank, it is much more expensive to buy than a standard water heater. Despite this, it can quickly prove to be the ideal solution to allow you to heat water through clean and renewable energy while achieving significant energy savings. Focus.

Advantages and disadvantages of the thermodynamic water heater

The thermodynamic water heater has many advantages:

  • It allows energy savings of 70% to 75%
  • And electricity savings of about 60% compared to a water heater running by accumulation
  • It allows to benefit from a tax credit
  • He is of a relatively simple operation
  • Ecological, it uses the calories lost from your other equipment (freezer, washing machine...) to make hot water and therefore emits less CO2 than a traditional water heater
  • It is enough to cover the hot water needs of a family of 6
  • It is equipped with a backup resistance who can take over in case of extreme cold

And some disadvantages:

  • A selling price that can be prohibitive
  • It should ideally be installed in a cellar or garage
  • Unlike electric models, the thermodynamic water heater also works during peak hours
  • It must be checked every 1 to 2 years

Achieve energy savings with the thermodynamic water heater

The thermodynamic water heater is more expensive to buy than traditional hot water balloons or the instant models.

In addition to the important list of manufacturers of thermodynamic water heaters, the price variations can be explained by the mode of operation and the energy used:

  • a√©rothermie
  • electricity
  • Solar
  • VMC...

But despite these selling prices that may seem prohibitive, you can claim a tax credit by equipping you with responsible facilities. Indeed, since September 1, 2014, you can benefit from a single tax reduction rate of 30% under certain conditions and this to encourage the installation, in the main residences, of equipment favoring the savings of 'energy. These can be - thanks to this type of equipment - of the order of 70% to 75%.

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