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I'm building a new house. I would like to install a thermodynamic water heater on VMC or split. I am advised against it because of the noise on the VMC and the efficiency on the split. What do you think?

A thermodynamic water heater allows real energy savings for domestic hot water production (up to 70%). You can consult the card of our partner Thermor entitled THERMODYNAMIC WATER HEATER: DESCRIPTION devoted to this subject.

ATLANTIC was among the first brands to develop a thermodynamic water heater exploiting the calories of the hot air conveyed by a VMC, via a heat pump (PAC). Instead of extracting the "hot" air directly from the unit, the Aéraulix water heater recovers 100% of the calories from the stale air in the house to heat the water.

I do not have the necessary perspective to give you information on the noisy nature of the installation? In the characteristic, the manufacturer announces 36 dB which is not very noisy.

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