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The thermostatic faucet equips all recent water radiators. Very easy to use, it allows you to make real energy savings by controlling the temperature of different rooms in the house.

Thermostatic faucet

Thermostatic faucet

How does a thermostatic valve work?

The thermostatic valve makes it possible to regulate the temperature of a room and to maintain it in all circumstances. It consists of a valve and a probe. When the temperature of the room increases, and whatever the factor (sun, human activity, use of an oven...), the probe expands and activates a mechanism that reduces or stops the flow of water. Reducing the water flow reduces the heat output of the radiator. Conversely, when the room temperature drops, the water flow increases.

To adjust your thermostatic valve, simply turn the valve counter-clockwise. The valve is numbered from 0 to 5, the number 0 corresponds to a temperature of about 12° C, the number 5 to the maximum temperature. By placing the valve in the "*" position, the radiator is set to its "frost protection" position corresponding to approximately 6° C.

What are the advantages of the thermostatic faucet?

The thermostatic faucet has many advantages:

  • It is simple to install,
  • It is easy to use,
  • It is precise,
  • It avoids overheating of your home and allows you to modulate the temperature at your leisure,
  • It can be programmable in advance (depending on the model),
  • It is particularly useful in the case where the different rooms of the house are not at the same temperature at the origin (because of the exposure, the occupation, etc.),
  • It allows to save significant energy (about 10% to 20% savings on the annual bill),
  • It can be installed on old radiators.

The thermostatic valve is an inexpensive piece that allows you to save energy. Enjoy a better comfort and a constant temperature in your home.

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